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a collection of 6 original healing harp CDs that 
support and balance the body, mind and spirit 


Holiday Special: $60
Retail Value: $80... a savings of $20


 In the Light of Love     DREAMS - solo harp        A Space Within


From the Darkness              3 Gateways                 The Magic Mirror


Vibrational Harmony Set 


Supported by Pilot Study Research
Perfect for Sleep, Meditation, General Relaxation,
Massage Therapists, Healing Touch, Yoga, Tai Chi, and more...



A description of each CD as it supports balance and healing:

The Magic Mirror
"Inspired Reflections"

Inspired by ancient chants, these healing melodies celebrate and awaken us to the
path of the Sun; calms the nervous system, clears the mind, prepares us for meditation,
and rejuvenates the body.  audio sample

In the Light of Love
Inspired by the light path of the Morning and Evening Star, Venus,
as a metaphor of awakening, committing to,
and creating our dreams each and every day.  audio sample

DREAMS - the love within
Inspired by the ancient myth, “Nanna and Ningal,” this story is a metaphor
for bringing our deepest dreams and desires to conscious awareness,
falling in love with them, then taking responsibility for
manifesting them in the world. 
Solo Harp:  audio sample

A Space Within
Inspired by the fullness of life's experiences, these soul-filled melodies are feelings...
no titles...simply expressions from a loving space within.   audio sample

3 Gateways - Body  Mind  Spirit
Inspired by the deep remembrance that ‘there is no death’ and in that awareness,
only love and transformation exist as the body, mind and spirit
come into balance and harmony.  Listen to full track

From the Darkness Comes the Light
These spiritually inspired solo harp expressions,
recorded in the sanctuary of our home,
gently invite the listener to travel to the depths of their soul
and experience the infinite beauty of their love. audio sample






Awaken and celebrate the dream of your soul
as these gorgeous melodies transport you beyond time.

Feel the vibrations resonate deep within your heart
as you remember why we are here...
to create and share our love.

Special Offer - all 3 CDs for $25 
Retail Value: $45 ... a savings of $20

A Space Within - solo harp
DREAMS - solo harp
In the Light of Love - solo harp