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NEW Christmas CD


An inspired collection of unique solo harp interpretations of holiday favorites
magically woven together in a seamless tapestry that gently opens the heart
and lovingly wraps you in the spirit of Christmas




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This CD truly took on a life of it's own in the studio. 
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Album Notes:

The Spirit of Christmas was definitely present when recording this CD in the studio. It’s not what we expected but it’s perfect!

Here’s a little background…My husband, John and I had been talking about recording a new Christmas CD for years. Last year when I played for holiday services and events, I found myself having fun allowing the melodies of traditional Christmas carols to simply expand into varied rhythms, extra measures, new melodic bridges, and completely fresh arrangements or ‘doodles’ as I call them. It was so much fun and we knew these were the seeds for a new album.

Fast forward to this November; it was time to record. With all the turmoil and separation happening in our world, we wanted to create something full of joy, celebration, and hope. We selected about 30 holiday favorites and put them on notecards. Then, we listened inside as to which ones would ‘go together’. There was something manifesting that felt fun, fresh and unique. I started practicing these combinations of holiday carols and once again, they took on a life of their own. John and I were excited to get into the studio.

The day of recording, we started from the top. One take, then another take, then another.  John said, “Amy, I don’t feel the joy. It doesn’t feel the same as when you were practicing at home.” I was getting tired and frustrated.

After 2 hours we both realized that this may not be the right day to record and explored another date.

As a ‘spiritual’ harpist, my gift is to sit down and allow the music to simply flow through me. Why was today different? Why was I feeling so tired and frustrated?

That’s when I realized, “OK, Amy, take a few minutes and go inside. Where is the resistance? Where is your alignment with the spiritual essence that flows through you?”

After about 15 minutes it all became clear. The idea of what John and I thought we wanted to create felt and sounded a certain way – like how I practiced at home. However, today, in this space, the music that desired expression was not coming from what we thought; it was coming through me from a different place of origin. I was feeling tired because my energy was trying to hold back what naturally wanted to express. It may sound weird, but this is my unique connection to the music that flows through me. As soon as I got myself out of the way, the music began to flow naturally. I sat behind the harp and recorded from the top. Tack 1 – done in one take; Track 2 – done in one take; Track 3 – done in one take – and it continued.

This inspired collection of unique solo harp interpretations is a musical experience, a seamless tapestry of sound that gently weaves a journey of reflective memories, soulful awakenings and joy-filled celebrations that combine to create an opportunity to embrace the spirit of Christmas within us all. 

Special Thanks to:
John Camie - Producer
Adam Long - Audio Engineer
Ty deLaVenta - Graphic Design
Blue Jade Audio - Brad Sarno: Additional File Support
Firebrand Recording Studio 
Video Services Group: CD Replication




a collection of 5 original healing harp CDs that 
support and balance the body, mind and spirit 


Holiday Special: $50
Retail Value: $70... a savings of $20


 In the Light of Love     DREAMS - solo harp        A Space Within


   From the Darkness Comes the Light         The Magic Mirror - Inspired Reflections


Vibrational Harmony Set 


Supported by Pilot Study Research
Perfect for Sleep, Meditation, General Relaxation,
Massage Therapists, Healing Touch, Yoga, Tai Chi, and more...


A description of each CD as it supports balance and healing:

The Magic Mirror
"Inspired Reflections"

Inspired by ancient chants, these healing melodies celebrate and awaken us to the
path of the Sun; calms the nervous system, clears the mind, prepares us for meditation,
and rejuvenates the body.  audio sample

In the Light of Love
Inspired by the light path of the Morning and Evening Star, Venus,
as a metaphor of awakening, committing to,
and creating our dreams each and every day.  audio sample

DREAMS - the love within
Inspired by the ancient myth, “Nanna and Ningal,” this story is a metaphor
for bringing our deepest dreams and desires to conscious awareness,
falling in love with them, then taking responsibility for
manifesting them in the world. 
Solo Harp:  audio sample

A Space Within
Inspired by the fullness of life's experiences, these soul-filled melodies are feelings...
no titles...simply expressions from a loving space within.   audio sample

From the Darkness Comes the Light
These spiritually inspired solo harp expressions,
recorded in the sanctuary of our home,
gently invite the listener to travel to the depths of their soul
and experience the infinite beauty of their love. audio sample