"Morning Star" Free Audio Download


Free Audio Download from the CD "In the Light of Love" by Amy Camie

Track 1:
"Morning Star" - dreaming in the stillness


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"I awaken to the morning light and seek to join with my inner light; going deeper to find the joy that lies beneath the surface of my awareness, to connect once more to the dance of life and celebrate my conscious union with the light of love within."   Amy Camie

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The beautiful New Age/Spiritual songs on CD, "In the Light of Love," by Amy Camie let the listener ease into a sense of reflection and total relaxation. Camie, who is a superb harpist, lets her melodies put to rest the stresses of the day so one can take it easy and loosen up. Each song flows into one another with a sweet and thought provoking charm. The first track, "Morning Star," is delicate and dreamy as the harp plays with tender and soft sincerity. "Morning Light," makes you feel energized as the harp performs the rich melody with bright and magical tonality. "Afterglow," is another song that seeps subtly into your soul as the harp wisps through the melody with emotive precision. If your day has been overwhelming and stressful then the wonderful healing album, "In the Light of Love," is just what you need to unwind and comfort your mind and body.

- Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team