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The Magic Mirror 
This inspired solo harp CD
calms the mind,
relaxes the body
gently touches the soul.

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From the Darkness
Comes the Light

These inspired solo harp expressions gently invite
the listener to travel into a deep state
of relaxation and peace.

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A Space Within 
Allow the 13 tracks on this original 62 min. solo harp CD
to awaken your creativity and unique self-expression.

As you listen, let yourself like a child. 
If thoughts and ideas come to you, express them...
create your own titles...write your own words...
draw your own pictures...
dance your own dance...
it's all a beautiful expression 
of your connection
to your Space Within. 

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In the Light of Love 
Each day the light within our heart awakens
with the desire to manifest our love
These original solo harp melodies
celebrate our dance with Venus,
the Morning and Evening Star.

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DREAMS - the love within
Inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian myth,Nanna and Ningal,
these beautiful melodies awaken the cellular memory of our
subconscious dreams and soul's desire to create and share our love. 

A Quantitative EEG pilot study conducted by William Collins, PhD,
indicated this music produced a relaxed mental state
in all 5 subjects measured. 

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DREAMS - the love within
chamber ensemble version

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DREAMS - the love within - Chamber Ensemble





3 Gateways

These hauntingly beautiful solo harp melodies awaken the deep
remembrance that 'there is no death'....and in that awareness,
only love and transformation exist as the body, mind and spirit
come into balance and harmony.

I've played these original solo harp melodies for hundreds of
hospital patients as part of a Healing Therapies Pilot Study
resulting in a substantial decrease in pain and distress levels in nine minutes.

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This magical expression of the Feminine Energy was spontaneously co-created
in a single 3-hour recording session during the time of the Gulf Oil Spill,
as both artists connected deeply to the energy of Mother Earth
and the Divine Feminine within each of them.
REBIRTH - Awakening the Feminine Energy is a multi-dimensional journey
reflecting the evolution of the Feminine Energy
from a personal, collective and Universal experience
which we all hold in our cellular memory.

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harp & violin

A new experience of harp and virtuosic violin
like you've never heard before.
This dynamic original music takes you on a tour
of cosmic energies, 
expressing universal truths 
in a musical language 
beyond words.
It’s beautiful, transcendent and uplifting. 
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Compassionate Reflections
Meditations for Self-Care, Serenity, & Hope

harp & imagery

This new CD encourages you to sit back in your favorite chair, exhale,
and relax into gentle imagery and soothing harp music.

Discover new pathways as you journey through these peaceful get-aways 
and heart-opening settings that awaken the compassion within.


This CD of three separate meditations was designed as a visceral experience of 
Self-Care, Serenity, & Hope.

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"I Will Always Be With You" 
book/cd set

harp, voice, violin

Written as a lullaby for my children after September 11, 2001,
this heartfelt song and adorable teddy bear illustrations
offer a sense of peace, hope, comfort, connection
and unconditional love to the child in all of us.

We are One...Forever One...You and Me.

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Slow down and allow the
spirit of the holidays
to embrace you.

Embracing The Spirit of Christmas
An inspired collection of unique solo harp interpretations
of holiday favorites magically woven together
in a seamless tapestry that gently opens the heart
and  lovingly wraps you in the spirit of Christmas.

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Tender Mercies
harp, voice, chamber ensemble

Harpist, Amy Camie, Soprano, Patricia Scanlon
and The Diamond Star Ensemble 
blend familiar songs of the Advent season
with inspired original melodies, 
creating a sacred space for inner reflection. 
Free your heart to experience this quiet and tender grace…
a compassion that flows from within to be shared with our world. 

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Free to just...BE

harp and guided imagery
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Musical Inspirations from
The Atlantean Legacy

harp, voice, crystal bowls

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Inspired musical interpretations, miraculously co-created in the moment,
that capture the ancient songs, feelings and stories from the book,
"The Atlantean Legacy" while awakening the inner wisdom of the listener.
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How this music touches lives

Two very personal stories reflecting on how
the sharing of this music began:

My Father's Story
Paula Clark
daughter of our family friend, Pat Clark