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Below are suggestions to consider while going through treatment for cancer...and beyond.  I continue to integrate these ideas as part of my daily self-care, choosing from a place of love within myself.  At the bottom are additional links to more videos and PDF downloads. 

My "constant resource" from diagnosis was my solo harp CD, "The Magic Mirror." 
I listened to this CD twice daily upon diagnosis and then daily during treatment. I continue to use it regularly.

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My Chemotherapy Choice

Easy Ways to Tie Scarves

Snack Foods for Chemo

Learn How To Cook Blanched Kale

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"dis-Ease" Panel Discussion


Meridian Activation Exercises with Norma Harnack, RN

Tracing the Meridians    with             with 

Healing Tones  with Janiece Jaffe

Food Conversation with Bridgette Kossor

Snack Foods for Chemo with Bridgette Kossor

Miso Soup with Bridgette Kossor

The Energy of Chemotherapy Drugs discussion with Bridgette Kossor



Norma Harnack, RN:
International Teacher Trainer, Touch for Health
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Bridgette Kossor:

Natural Import Company:
Johsen Organic Barley Miso 
Mitoku Yuuki-Grown Sakurazawa Shoyu 
Mitoku Wild San-Riku Coast Wakame 
Mitoku Hidaka Kombu