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Being open to receive has been a lifelong lesson.
Reflecting on the Life Lessons learned 
during my journey with breast cancer,
"I Am...Open"  is one that now feels easy and flowing.




 A story that helped me open to receive... 


A well-known and wealthy woman dies and goes to heaven
where she meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

As they begin to walk she notices a door to the right with her name on it.
She asks St. Peter if she can open it.
At first he says no but she pleads,
"Why not, it has my name on it, it's for me." 

He goes to ask whether it's okay and comes back with permission.
When she opens the door she discovers a massive room
filled with beautifully unwrapped gifts,
from floor to ceiling, stretching as far back as a football field.

She asks if she can open them and St. Peter shakes his head,
“No, these were all the gifts you were offered
while you were still living but you chose not to receive them." 


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