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How You Can Support Our New Research
Thank you for your interest in supporting and sharing information about our new clinical trial, The Effect of 23 minutes of Distinctive Therapeutic Solo Harp Music on Anxiety in Newly Diagnosed Adult Patients Scheduled to Receive Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer: A Feasibility Study, which included The Magic Mirror solo harp CD.
As you may know, the journey to this clinical trial began over 30 years ago with a homemade cassette tape, recorded to help a family friend dying of cancer during her hospice care. Over the years, thousands of people have found a sense of peace and comfort listening to this music and now I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to continue exploring it's effect on anxiety levels in newly diagnosed cancer patients. 
Offering a compassionate way for newly diagnosed patients to regain some sense of control during the initial few weeks after diagnosis, this study explores how listening to a distinctive piece of music (The Magic Mirror) could help reduce their anxiety level, in turn making the process of receiving the cancer diagnosis and moving through treatment a little less stressful.
Most research exploring the use of music in a healthcare setting is categorized as music therapy.  Yet there exists a new emerging field called therapeutic music. Therapeutic music is music that helps the process of healing and supports movement towards health.
Our study uses distinctive recorded therapeutic solo harp music that also controls for variables not often addressed in music-based research such as performer's ability, musical selection, intention, tempo, and dynamics. Controlling for and addressing these variables creates a stronger research design, making it easier to replicate in future studies.
Our feasibility study is the first step toward developing a larger clinical trial exploring the impact of this specific piece of music on anxiety levels in adult cancer patients scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment.
Below is a PDF that includes an Overview about this research and a Donation Form to be printed and included with any tax deductible donations.
This clinical trial has been approved through Washington University School of Medicine and will be conducted at Siteman Cancer Center once funded.
Thank you again for supporting our efforts to provide a more holistic experience for those walking a journey with cancer.
With Sincere Gratitude,

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