Amy Camie
Curriculum Vitae

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High School Graduate - Alton Senior High                           Alton, Illinois                    1983

Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University                                       Bloomington, IN               1987
Major-Telecommunications / Minor-Psychology
Studied harp as an Elective with Susanne McDonald and Linda Wood

Associations, Memberships and Titles    

Honored Member of the Biltmore Who's Who 2009 Registry
American Harp Society

ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

Kappa Delta Sorority, Sigma Upsilon Chapter

Illinois’ Junior Miss 1983

National Talent Winner, America’s Junior Miss Competition 1983


Professional Experience

Professional harpist for 35 years managing all aspects of entrepreneurial business

-          Recipient of numerous awards for musical talent

-          Performed for hundreds of private, corporate and community events

-          Extensive experience playing in orchestras, choral groups, and small chamber ensembles

-          Developed relationship with Inner-Self Stores (owned by Sara Lee) and traveled around the

country to promote CDs in each store

-          Songwriter and Recording Artist with 9 solo harp CDs and various musical CD collaborations

-          2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Nominee for Best Solo Instrumental Song, “Expression 3” from A Space Within. Nominated from a field of 25,500 albums and 350,000+ songs, lyrics and videos from over 100 countries.

-     over 17,000 CDs have been sponsored and shared with cancer patients, hospice families, military troops and others in stressful life circumstances


March – August, 2006:  Talk Radio Show Host, “Awaken to YourSelf

-          Created format for 60 minute radio show

-          Hosted the weekly 60 minute radio program for 6 months

-          Developed advertising/sponsorship relationships

-          Scheduled guest interviews

-          Developed internet website:


2001 to Present: Founder and Executive Director – Scientific Arts Foundation – St. Louis, MO

The Scientific Arts Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization that supports the value of creative expression through research, education and community outreach programs.

-          Responsible for the creation of the mission, vision and direction of the foundation

-          Established a 9 member Board of Directors from various professions

-          Collaborated with William Collins, Ph.D. in the development of 2 initial pilot study research projects exploring impact of solo harp music on cancer patients

-          Conducted media interviews with television stations, radio stations, internet stations and newspapers

-          Developed internet website:

-          Directly report to the Board of Directors and provide written reports related to financials, new projects, volunteer activities and community connections via meetings and email correspondence

-          Currently developing clinical research with collaborating scientists, physicians and researchers


1992 to Present: Vice President - BlueStar Productions, Inc.(new name for West End Productions, Inc.) – St. Louis, MO

-          Recording artist – solo harp musical CDs

-          Coordinate CD sales and marketing – individual sales and corporate CD sponsorship programs

-          Implement training presentations and workshops on Vibrational Awareness

-          New product development and training of self-empowerment process


1987 – 1992: Officer and Production Coordinator – West End Productions, Inc. – St. Louis, MO

-          Responsible for pre-production scheduling and budgeting of video production projects

-          Off-line editor for video productions: commercials, fund raisers, documentaries, political ads

-          Music editor for all video productions

-          Music Director / Coordinator of Lifetime Television’s Weddings of a Lifetime pilot programs

-          Scheduled and coordinated live musical entertainment for fairs and festivals

Presentations - Vibrational Awareness - The Healing Power of Music
and Compassion, Connection, Courage & Change



International Harp Therapy Conference                                            Richmond, VA



National Hospice and Palliative Care Conference                         Indianapolis, IN



Maryville University, Music Therapy Department                           St. Louis, MO

Alton Memorial Hospital Chaplains                                                   Alton, IL

Dardene Presbyterian Church                                                             O’Fallon, MO

Alton Memorial Hospital Nurses                                                       Alton, IL

St. John’s Mercy Hospice                                                                   St. Louis, MO

A Gathering Place Massage School Graduation                              St. Louis, MO

Ladue Chapel Stephen Ministry                                                         St. Louis, MO

Pathways to Wellness                                                                         Alton, IL



Gather the Women                                                                              St. Louis, MO

Clayton-Ladue Rotary Club                                                              Ladue, MO

Hospice Volunteer Symposium                                                        St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Wellness Center Cancer Survivor Dinner            Alton, IL

AMC Cancer Research, A Day of Caring                                       St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Wholistic Health Fair                                               St. Louis, MO

Eliot Chapel Adult Speakers Series                                                 Kirkwood, MO

Well Life Weekend – Together Support Group                            Eureka, MO

Florissant Valley Music Appreciation Class                                 Florissant, MO



Volunteer Hospice Symposium                                                       St. Louis, MO

AMC Cancer Research, Day of Caring                                          St. Louis, MO

A Gathering Place Massage Therapy School                               St. Louis, MO

Wellness Community                                                                       St. Louis, MO

Lighthouse for the Blind                                                                  St. Louis, MO

Ethical Society – Adult Speakers Series                                       St. Louis, MO

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Cancer Luncheon                 St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Wholistic Expo                                                       St. Louis, MO

Midwest Regional Conference on End of Life Care                    Kansas City, MO

Lighthouse Hospice                                                                         Cherry Hill, NJ

St. Anthony’s Wellness Program                                                  St. Louis, MO

Great Shapes Health Club for Women                                           St. Louis, MO



St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Cancer Luncheon                 St. Louis, MO

Hospice Bereavement Coordinators Meeting                             St. Louis, MO

Cancer Support Group, Medical West                                         St. Louis, MO

Society for Transplant Social Workers Conference                   Salt Lake City, UT

Longenburger Horizon of Hope Luncheon                                 St. Louis, MO

University Club Women’s Luncheon                                          St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Holistic Health Fair                                               St. Louis, MO

Missouri Baptist Grief Support Volunteer Training                   St. Louis, MO

Lighthouse Hospice, Caring for the Caregivers                         Cherry Hill, NJ



Missouri Baptist Grief Support Volunteer Training                   St. Louis, MO

Women’s Sangha                                                                            St. Louis, MO

St. John’s Medical Center, Cancer Luncheon                            St. Louis, MO

Contours Express Health Club for Women                                 St. Louis, MO

Women’s Connection Network                                                    St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Medical Center                                                      St. Louis, MO

Pastoral Care Retreat                                                                      St. Louis, MO

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance                                 St. Louis, MO

Ethical Society Presentation                                                          St. Louis, MO

Craig Elementary School                                                                St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Holistic Health Fair                                               St. Louis, MO

Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization Chaplains                    St. Louis, MO


Alton Community Service League                                                Alton, IL
Aurora Health Care, West Allis Memorial Hospital                   West Allis, WI
St. John’s Mercy Medical Center Oncology Nurses                  St. Louis, MO
Heartland Hospice Legacy Program                                              St. Louis, MO
Spa for Your Soul Day                                                                     St. Louis, MO
Logan College of Chiropractic – Women’s Studies Class         St. Louis, MO

Missouri Baptist College Recital Hour for Music Majors          St. Louis, MO
Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                           St. Louis, MO

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center Nurse Managers                     St. Louis, MO
Alton Memorial Hospital Women’s Wellness Fair                      Alton, IL

The Wellness Community of Greater St. Louis                         St. Louis, MO
The Center for Spiritual Living                                                    St. Louis, MO
Art from the Heart - St. Louis Science Center                           St. Louis, MO

St. John's Mercy Medical Center-Infusion Unit Nurses         St. Louis, MO
The Women of Dardenne Presbyterian Church                       St. Louis, MO
Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization Grief Conference      St. Louis, MO
St. Mary's Health Center Breast Cancer Support Group         St. Louis, MO
The Gatesworth Senior Living "Questers" Group                   St. Louis, MO
The Wellness Community of Greater St. Louis                         St. Louis, MO
Celebration for Cancer Survivors, DePaul Hospital                 St. Louis,MO
St. Louis Science Center - Science Cafe                                     St. Louis, MO
Seeds of Hope-National Conference for Bereaved Parents    St. Louis, MO
St. John's Mercy Medical Center-Heart Hospital Nurses       St. Louis, MO
St. John's Mercy Medical Center Breast Support Group        St. Louis, MO
Maryville University - Music Therapy Students                     St. Louis, MO
St. Anthony's Hospice House Staff                                           St. Louis,MO
St. John's Mercy Medical Center-Oncology Nurses               St. Louis, MO

Visitation Academy-Fine Arts Day                                          St. Louis, MO
Int'l Harp Therapy Program Prof. Dev. Conference                San Diego, CA
9th Annual Cancer Wellness Fair                                             St. Louis, MO
St. Louis University Honors Program Students                      St. Louis, MO
Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and
Washington University School of Medicine                           St. Louis, MO
A Touch of Health - Fair and Concert                                       Boonville, MO
Lake St. Charles Retirement Community                                   St. Louis, MO
Healing Sound Conference & Expo                                           Louisville, KY
St. Louis World Sacred Music Festival                                    St. Louis, MO
St. Martin's Episcopal Church-Health & Wellness Fair         Ellisville, MO
Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa - Town and Country           St. Louis, MO
Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa - Clayton                               St. Louis, MO
First Presbyterian Church                                                           Alton, IL

St. Martin's Episcopal Church Stephen Ministers                  Ellisville, MO
The Family Center's "Women of Compassion" Tea               St. Louis, MO
Kirkwood Rotary                                                                          Kirkwood, MO
SSM St. Mary's Breast Cancer Support Group                        St. Louis, MO
A Gathering Place Massage Therapy School                          St. Louis, MO
Chamberlain College of Nursing                                                St. Louis, MO
Mehlville School Dist.-Beasley Elementary Fine Arts Day   St. Louis, MO
Cheryl's Herbs                                                                               St. Louis, MO
Irwin Chapel H.O.P.E. Luncheon for Widows/Widowers      Edwardsville, IL
St. Luke's Hospital-FOCUS Breast Cancer Support Group    St. Louis, MO
Cancer Survivors Celebration - DePaul Hospital                     St. Louis, MO
Still Point Class                                                                             St. Louis, MO
The Center for Mind Body Spirit                                                St. Louis, MO
Healing Touch International-14th Annual Conference          St. Louis, MO
St. Anthony's Medical Center's full day seminar:
"Waking Up To Why You Can't Sleep"                                    St. Louis, MO
Unity Center of Columbia                                                            Columbia, MO
St. Anthony's Medical Center-"Soul of a Woman Retreat":
The Path of Self-Expression    
                                                    St. Louis, MO 
Congregation Shaare Emeth - Meditation Group                     St. Louis, MO
2nd Annual Fall Conference of the
Oncology Nursing Society, St. Louis Chapter                          St. Louis, MO
Life After Breast Cancer Support Group
SSS - St. Joseph Medical Park Women's Center                        St. Charles, MO
Gitana Productions "Conversations with World St. Louis"    St. Louis, MO 
Gateway Alliance Hospice Workshop                                        St. Louis, MO
Congregation Shaare Emeth - Explore Shabbat                         St. Louis, MO
SSM Cancer Care Support Groups-St. Joseph Hospital W.    Lake Saint Louis, MO

“Meet and Greet” at Hayner Public Library                                  Alton, IL
Unity Church of Peace Spiritual Center                                          St. Louis, MO
Parkway String Camp                                                                      St. Louis, MO
Multiple Sclerosis Wellness Network Teleconference Call            St. Louis, MO
St. Luke's Cancer Focus Group Holiday Event                               St. Louis, MO

Jewish Family & Children's Services -  In-Service for therapists         St. Louis, MO
Together Support Group - Siteman Cancer Center                               St. Louis, MO
First Presbyterian Church -International Day of Peace Weekend         Alton, IL

Baker Chiropractice                                                                          St. Louis, MO
Alzheimer's Association &
Memory Care Home Solutions                                                        St. Louis, MO

Francis Howell Central High School                                               St. Charles, MO
-Educational Support for Students

2016 Oncology Massage Healing Summit                                       Bloomington, MN
"Compassionate Reflections" 5 hr. Retreat for
F.R.E.S.H. Renewal Center and Pathways Community Hospice     St. Louis, MO
Alternative Hospice In-Service                                                         St. Louis, MO
Ladue Chapel - 30 Year Anniversary of Stephen Ministry               Ladue, MO
Heart Transplant Support Group                                                      St. Louis, MO
Presentations - Loving Life...all of it - A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness

Alton Memorial Hospital - Summer in the Garden                    Alton, IL
SSM Cancer Care St. Mary's Health Center
Celebration of Life Event                                                              St. Louis, MO
Alton Community Service League                                              Alton, IL
Mercy Hospital's - An Evening of Hope                                   St. Louis, MO
Cheryl's Herbs - Healing Night                                                    Maplewood, MO
SSM St. Clare Health Center - Celebration of Life Event         Fenton, MO
Alton Rotary Club                                                                         Alton, IL
St. Anthony's Breast Cancer Support Group                            St. Louis, MO
Redeemer Evangelical Church Women's Luncheon                St. Louis, MO
St. Anthony's Breast Cancer Support Group-Alton                Alton, IL
SSM DePaul Health Center - Celebration of Life Event          St. Louis, MO

SSM St Mary’s Breast Center - Girl’s Night Out                          St. Louis, MO
Cancer Wellness Day Event Breakout Session                             St. Louis, MO
 Presentations: ORIGINS and The Cosmology of Consciousness (with John)

Garden of Life Spiritual Center                                                         St. Louis, MO
Sancta Sophia Seminary                                                                    Tahlequah, OK
Solo and Collaborative Concerts 

Sheldon Concert Hall                                                                        St. Louis, MO
An Evening of Inspired Relaxation and Connection
Thespian Hall - A Touch of Health Festival                                    Boonville, MO
A Musical Journey of Love, Life and Purpose
The Chapel                                                                                       St. Louis, MO
Sacred Connections
St. Louis Festival of World Sacred Music                                        St. Louis, MO
Sacred Connections Ensemble
Evangelical United Church of Christ                                                Boonville, MO
Sacred Connections
Eliot Chapel Unitarian Chapel                                                         Kirkwood, MO
St. Martin's Episcopal Church                                                         Ellisville, MO
Awaken, Embrace and Celebrate Your Love
with Janiece Jaffee, Bridgette Kossor and Sherry Summers

The Ethical Society of Greater St. Louis                                          St. Louis, MO
Sacred Connections Ensemble
The Center for Spiritual Living                                                        St. Louis, MO
Beyond Words...Into the Soul 
with Janiece Jaffee

Unitarian Universalists Church                                                        Columbus, IN
 Beyond Words...Into the Soul
with Janiece Jaffee
Center for Spiritual Living                                                                St. Louis, MO
Illuminations - lighting the way to the love within
with Bridgette Kossor
Sound, Light Ascension Expo                                                          Louisville, KY
Beyond Words...Into the Soul 
with Janiece Jaffee  

First Presbyterian Church                                                               Boonville, MO
Sacred Connections 
Christ Church Cathedral - Shepley Concert Series                         St. Louis, MO
Sacred Connections
with Jessica Goodenough-Heuser

The Sheldon Chorale                                                                   St. Louis, MO
Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten

St. Joseph's Catholic Church                                                     Clayton, MO
Inner Light with Patricia Scanlon

Webster Groves Presbyterian Church                                     Webster Groves, MO
Music in a Great Place Concert Series

Parkway United Church of Christ                                                    St. Louis, MO
Town & Country Symphony Orchestra
Debussy Danses: Sacree et Profane
Debut of original score for DREAMS-the love within 

Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                       Kirkwood, MO
Starlight Journeys with Amy and John Camie
A Loving Oasis of Peace - Fall Equinox 2012


Shaare Emeth Temple                                                                          St. Louis, MO
Healing Meditations for Yom Kippur 

Mercy Conference  and Retreat Center                                     St. Louis, MO
The Heart's Enduring Love-Music to Awaken and Heal the Heart
with Jessica Goodenough-Heusser



Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                               Kirkwood, MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – Music to Reawaken the Love Within
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser

First Congregational Church                                                   Clayton,  MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – Music to Reawaken the Love Within
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser

Benjamin Godfrey Chapel                                                       Godfrey, IL
On the campus of Lewis & Clark Community College
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – Music to Reawaken the Love Within
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser 

The Ethical Society of St. Louis                                              St. Louis, MO
Soul Light Concert - Reflections of Self-Compassion - A Fall Equinox Celebration
with Janiece Jaffe and John Camie

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center                                    St. Louis, MO
Tender Mercies - Embracing with Compassion from Within
with Patricia Scanlon and the Diamond Star Ensemble

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center                                     St. Louis, MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – a Soul Light Concert Celebrating Spring
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser and the Diamond Star Ensemble


Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                                  Kirkwood, MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – Music to Reawaken the Love Within
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser & Wendy Hymes

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center                                         St. Louis, MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love – Music to Reawaken the Love Within
with Jessica Goodenough Heuser & Wendy Hymes

St. Peter’s United Church of Christ                                              Ferguson, MO
Soul Light Concert - Shining Our Light – with Patricia Scanlon and
Jacquelyn Kleine

Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                                   Kirkwood, MO
Soul Light Concert - Shining Our Light – with Patricia Scanlon and
Jacquelyn Kleine

First Presbyterian Church                                                             Alton, IL
International Day of Peace Concert with Patricia Scanlon
and The Diamond Star Ensemble

Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                                  Kirkwood, MO
Sound Presence - Musical Concert with Janiece Jaffe

Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                                 Kirkwood, MO
Sound Presence - Sound Healing Concert with Janiece Jaffe

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet - Together in Faith Event    St. Louis, MO
Compassional Connections with Patricia Scanlon

The Ethical Society                                                                    St. Louis, MO
Faces of Love - Celebrating the Divine Feminine
with Aska Kaneko, Jasnam Daya Singh and Ruth Latchison-Nichols
and the Leverage Dance Theater

Eliot Unitarian Chapel                                                                 Kirkwood, MO
Soul Light Concert - Seeds of Love - a SOUL LIGHT Concert celebrating Spring
with John MacEnulty and Trina Brunk

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center                                      St. Louis, MO
Compassionate Connections with Aska Kaneko

First Congregational Church of Webster Groves                   Webster Groves, MO
Compassionate Connections with Aska Kaneko


St. Paul Lutheran Church “Music at St. Paul” Concert Series       Jackson, MO
Nebula with Aska Kaneko

Eliot Chapel - Nebula with Aska Kaneko                              Kirkwood, MO

Mary Queen of Peace                                                           Webster Groves, MO
Compassionate Reflections


Community Service freely sharing music and information within the community


Relay for Life – Cancer Survivors                                                 Alton, IL

Miriam Foundation Fund Raiser Tea                                            Frontenac, MO

Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                         Webster Groves, MO

Jeudevine Center Gala Fund Raiser Dinner                                 Frontenac, MO



Healing Day – A Gathering Place Massage School                  St. Louis, MO

Scott Air Force Base – The Exchange                                         O’Fallon, IL

Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                         St. Louis, MO

Cancer Wellness Fair, Wellness Community                             St. Louis, MO

Ovarian Cancer Coalition – After Glow                                       St. Louis, MO

Surviving Grief Conference                                                           St. Louis, MO

Healing Hearts – A Gathering Place                                            St. Louis, MO



Pathways Hospice Surviving Grief Symposium                           Hillsboro, MO

Cancer Wellness Fair, Wellness Community                                St. Louis, MO

Whole & Healthy Woman’s Event, St. Anthony’s                     St. Louis, MO

Wellness Community Grand Opening                                            St. Louis, MO

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center                                                    St. Louis, MO

Jewish Film Festival                                                                          Frontenac, MO

St. Anthony’s Cancer Survivor Event                                           St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Children’s Hospital                                                          St. Louis, MO

VA Medical Center, Post Traumatic Stress Support Group       Jefferson Barracks, MO

Lighthouse for the Blind                                                                  St. Louis, MO

St. Joseph Grief Symposium                                                            Kirkwood, MO

St. Anthony’s Cancer Center                                                          St. Louis, MO

Women in Charge                                                                             St. Louis, MO

Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                           St. Louis, MO

Scott Air Force Base – The Exchange                                           O’Fallon, IL

Youthbridge Fund Raiser                                                                St.Louis, MO



Siteman Cancer Center Chemotherapy Infusion Unit                  St. Louis, MO

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center                                                   St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Grief Symposium                                                     St. Louis, MO

BJC Center for Advanced Medicine, Transplant floor                St. Louis, MO

Lighthouse for the Blind                                                                   St. Louis, MO

VA Medical Center, Post Traumatic Stress Support Group        Jefferson Barracks, MO

Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                            St. Louis, MO

Hospice Volunteer Symposium                                                       St. Louis, MO

Scott Air Force Base – The Exchange                                            O’Fallon, IL

St. Anthony’s Cancer Evening                                                        St. Louis, MO

Women’s Connection Network                                                       St. Louis, MO

Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization Symposium                    St. Louis, MO

“Notes from Home” Sheldon Concert Series                                 St. Louis, MO



Lighthouse for the Blind                                                                      St. Louis, MO

Youthbridge Fund Raiser                                                                     St. Louis, MO

Awaken to YourSelfTM Radio Show Host                                          St. Louis, MO

Surviving Grief Symposium                                                                 St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Fern & Russell F. deGreff Hospice House              St. Louis, MO

Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                               St. Louis, MO

Missouri Heart Gallery Project-helping children in foster care      St. Louis, MO

Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization Symposium                       St. Louis, MO

Forest Park Hospital                                                                             St. Louis, MO

St. Anthony’s Something Special for Women’s Event                  Fenton, MO

St. Anthony’s Women’s Specialty Center Opening                       St. Louis, MO

Lighthouse for the Blind                                                                      St. Louis, MO

Little Patriots Embraced                                                                       St. Louis, MO

“Notes from Home” Sheldon Concert Series                                    St. Louis, MO



Haven House Auction and Fund Raiser                                           St. Louis, MO

Rainbows for Kids                                                                                St. Louis, MO

Missouri Baptist Cancer Center                                                         St. Louis, MO

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Cancer Wellness Fair          St. Louis, MO
Spirit Seeker Wholistic Expo                                                               St. Louis, MO
"Safe & Sound" Concert for The Women's Safe House                St. Louis, MO


8th Annual Cancer Wellness Fair                                                      St. Louis, MO
"Safe & Sound" Concert for the Women's Safe House                  St. Louis, MO

The Tools of Coping: Healing Through Grief and Loss                  St. Louis, MO
Workshop offered by St. Anthony's Hospice
A Gathering Place Wellness Education Center                                 St. Louis, MO
St. Mary's Hospital Cancer Survivor Luncheon                                St. Louis, MO
David C. Pratt Cancer Center -St. John's Mercy                                St. Louis, MO
Symposium on Sacred Music and Healing                                         St. Louis, MO

10th Annual Cancer Wellness Fair                                                      St. Louis, MO
Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization (GSLHO)
Volunteer Symposium                                                                           St. Louis, MO
3rd Annual "Safe & Sound Concert" to raise awareness
about domestic violence and sexual assault                                      St. Louis, MO
Fine Art Limited, Health, Wealth and Inspiration Event                  St. Louis, MO
2010 Big Pink Blast to benefit St. John's Mercy Foundation           St. Louis, MO
SSM St. Claire's Celebration of Life                                                     St. Louis, MO

Health Fair-St. Francis of Assisi                                                                 Luebbering, MO
St. Anthony's Medical Center - 'Go Pink and Red for Women" Event      St. Louis, MO


Inspiring Art through Nature
Event at Fine Art Ltd  - Supporting Action for Autism                            Chesterfield, MO
Denise Thimes Benefit Concert for Pancreatic Research                           St. Louis, MO

dis-Ease: Disrupting Our Natural State - Panel Discussion                       St. Louis, MO
Cancer Wellness Fair                                                                                  St. Louis, MO
2nd Annual Midwest Crystal Fest                                                            St. Louis, MO
BJC Hospice - Weavings Retreat for Grieving Mothers                            St. Louis, MO
Missouri Baptist Grief Support Program                                                    St. Louis, MO

Voyce - Caregiver Awards Luncheon                                                  St. Louis, MO
Nazareth Living Center                                                                        St. Louis, MO
David C. Pratt Cancer Center                                                                St. Louis, MO

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis: 
Anniversary Dinner & Celebration                                                     St. Louis, MO          


Media Interviews about “Vibrational Awareness”, Musical CDs, & Scientific Arts Foundation Projects



107.3 FM - Radio Arts Foundaiton interview with Kathy Lawton Brown, May 2016

107.3 FM - Radio Arts Foundation, interview with Kathy Lawton Brown, July 2015

106.5-The ARCh - Talk of the Town with host, Shaun Anthony, December 2013

Y-98 FM. St. Louis, MO. Sunday Night Chill Out with Host, Tim Burt. January 2006; December 2006.

AM920-WGNU. St. Louis, MO.  Awaken to YourSelfTM.  60 min. Talk Radio Program March-August 2006.

AM550-KTRS. St. Louis, MO.  Host, George Noory. December 2002.

AM1570-WBGZ. Alton, IL.  Host, Bradford Long. February 2001; February 2003.



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Published Works

Harp CDs

New Love “awaken to yourself” solo harp CD © 2000

I Will Always Be With You 3-track audio CD © 2002

Christmas Love “celebrating the child within” solo harp CD © 2003

A Space Within solo harp CD © 2004

Love and Gratitude solo harp CD © 2006

The Magic Mirror-Inspired Reflections solo harp CD © 2006
DREAMS "the love within" solo harp CD (c) 2007
3 Gateways - Body Mind Spirit solo harp CD (c) 2008
In the Light of Love solo harp CD (c) 2009
DREAMS - "the love within" - Chamber Ensemble (c) 2012
Tender Mercies "Embracing with Compassion from within" - with Soprano, Patricia Scanlon and the Diamond Star Ensemble (c) 2013




I Will Always Be With You illustrated book/CD set © 2005
Loving Life...all of it - A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness (c) 2013


Articles, Columns, Poems

The Harp Therapy Journal, Fall 2011.  A gift of music...for myself
Contributing Author to Spiritual Significance of Music - Book 3, Edited by Justin St. Vincent, 2011 
BellaSpark Magazine, November/December, 2010, Pickin' Up Good Vibrations

The Harp Therapy Journal, Fall 2007, Update on Development of a Clinical Research Study
Harp Column, September/October 2006.  Advice Column-Contributing Professional

The Harp Therapy Journal, Summer 2006.  Awakening and Sharing Gifts
Spirit Seeker, November 2005.  Another Part of Me
The Harp Therapy Journal, Winter 2002-03. New Developments.
The Harp Therapy Journal, Summer 2002.  My Personal Journey with the Harp


Internet E-Books

Contributing Author, "LIVE LOVE FORGIVE - Insights from Artists"
Contributing Author,  "The Spiritual Significane of Music", 2006 Vibrational Awareness


Professional Collaborations

NEBULA - with Aska Kaneko, violin (c) 2016
Compassionate Reflections - with Marti Soler, Guided Imagery (c) 2016

REBIRTH - Awakening the Feminine Energy  © 2011 with Jessica Goodenough Heuser
Musical Inspirations from "The Atlantean Legacy"  ©  2010 with Janiece Jaffe
Beyond Words...Into the Soul ©  2010 with Janiece Jaffe
Gossamer Wings-Free to just...Be descriptive imagery and harp CD (c) 2008 with Bonnie Snyder
Simply Beautiful voice and harp CD © 2004 with vocalist Bridgette Kossor

Angels We Have Heard On High voice and harp CD © 2002 with vocalist Sharen Camille


Original solo harp music licensed to the following projects:

Soothing Soundpaths to Serenity CD by Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC

Anchoring Prosperity CD by Elyse Hope Killoran

Hands On Protocol for Healing after Trauma, Accident or Surgery DVD by Cynthia C. Paley, MS, LMT

Products by Sandy Jost, Ph.D.- Guided Imagery Specialist

* Your Body, Your Mind, & Their Link to Your Health book/CD set

* The LAST Thing This World Needs Is ANOTHER Weight Loss Program book/CD set

* Imagine: Lifting Up CD

* Imagine: A Gift for the Caregiver CD
Gentle Yoga for Recovery and Beyond - Exclusive Yoga with Camille Kittrell
Go South for Animal Index, A Poetry Score - Poetry by Stefene Russell, Score Produced by Matt Fuller and Chris King
Our Sacred Passage-A Caregiver's Thoughts & Guided Meditation by Marti Soler and Sharon Clark
The Wellness Community of Greater St. Louis - MP3 meditations for cancer patients
New Vision Music - Calming Music for Pets
New Vision Music - Ultimate Ocean Waves Collection
New Vision Music - Calm Baby Music

Performed on the following CDs

Let the Love Shine © 2005 Bridgette Kossor

I Am Enough © 2003 Bridgette Kossor

Sherry! The Broadway Musical © 2003 Angel Records

The Gift of Hope © 2001 Michelle DeFabio/ Music for Missions

2000 Reasons To Celebrate © 1999 National Cancer Prevention Fund


Personal Information

I’m 51 years old and have been married 24 magical years to my best friend and soul mate, John Camie. I'm the mother of two wonderful boys, ages 23 and 18, who are forever showing me the beauty, joy and purpose of life.


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