My Journey with Cancer


Cancer Care Package
Do you have a friend or loved one recently diagnosed with cancer? 
Would you like to create a Cancer Care Package for them? 
Here are some ideas... 



Loving Life...all of it"
A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness




My Journey to Love
My Personal Journal updates
sent to family and friends



My Dream
Gifting "The Magic Mirror" CD to cancer patients



I AM  photos 
A series of untouched photos taken by Julie Enstall after
my 2nd chemotherapy treatment that capture the
essence of who I AM - YouTube Video

To read more about this magical photo shoot, visit Julie Enstall's Blog.




My Cancer Resources 
A list of my medical team and all those who have supported my
physical, spiritual, mental and creative expressions on my journey



Resource Videos





The Wellness Universe




Special Feature in Gazelle Magazine - Oct. / Nov. 2015 Issue