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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, 2010, I immediately knew it was an opportunity to grow more fully into who I Am.  From the beginning, my journey was never about fighting or battling cancer but rather about love, compassion and unification within myself.  The night I shaved my hair, after my second round of chemotherapy, I had a vision of a series of photographs that captured the essence of who I AM, beyond my experiences, without any of the layers of protection I had come to depend upon as my identity. 

Photographer, Julie Enstall, immediately felt the power of this expression and writes:

As an artist I was thrilled with the vision we discussed when planning these images. Although planning is a somewhat deceptive word to describe how we started this project. The “Plan” consisted of Amy saying, “Will you take some pictures of me after I’ve lost my hair? Here’s what I see…” “I see it.” I said. In as much as I could imagine it. Let’s play with this without any preconceived plan of the outcome,” I suggested. Play we did.  Her uninhibited presence played with the light and the shutter, as images revealed themselves like little presents before my lens. The session was electric. The Divine was present that day; whether you call it God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Divine Energy or the great I AM. It blew in the most beautiful way. I hope you enjoy the images, and can see the remarkable, multifaceted woman Amy is.  She has asked that I not retouch them so I have respected her wishes. You will notice a lump below her left collar bone, which is a port through which she receives her chemotherapy medicine. I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t told me so I thought I’d share it with you. Amy has shared her harp music with cancer, hospice and grief communities for many years and has been heavily involved in the research of how her CDs relax the body, reduce anxiety and support brainwave and immune system function. Now she has had the opportunity to experience the healing effects of her music first hand.

My hope is that these images offer a reflection of the peace, joy, love and light within all of us.  We all walk our own path in life which is sometimes filled with challenges, fears and uncertainty.   What I've learned is that I AM not my experiences...I AM so much more...and so are you! 

Loving life...all of it,
Amy Camie 

"I Am..."

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