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Amy, God writes a gospel not in the Bible alone;
but also on trees, on the flowers and clouds,
on the face of a little child and in your music. ~
Sister Joan


 Your gift of music is such a healing experience for all of us.   
May the angels continue to lead you through the light!!
Affectionately, Sister Annette



Two very personal stories reflecting on
how the sharing of this music began:

My Father's Story
Paula Clark 

daughter of our family friend, Pat Clark


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How this music changes lives...


Amy, your music takes me to deep places within and places I’ve never been! ~ K.L


"Playing SPIRAL IN TIME for all my patients in the IV room today! It's amazing... they're all so peaceful~ It's got me LOVING the energy in here!!!" ~ Aly F.


Amy-I want to tell you about my experience of “The Magic Mirror” and its power. I was doing Healing Touch on a very anxious patient and as I often do, I played your music as I worked.  The patient really like the music so I suggested that she purchase The Magic Mirror. She did and began listening to it at least 3 times a day. The difference it has made is remarkable. She looks so much better and is so much more focused. Thank you for helping me and my patients. ~ K.L. 



Your presentation at the BJH multidisciplinary research conference was fantastic!  I've been looking for solutions to my sleepless nights with 3 kids (6 months, 2 and 5 years old).  White noise and lullabies weren't helping.  The night after the conference I played In the Light of Love overnight and EVERYONE slept through the night for first time in ages!  I play your albums each night now. Thank you!!!! ~ W.R. 
As a massage therapist that's been playing your music in my massage room for what, over a decade now?!! The music invokes a different level of relaxation and overall feeling in the mind and body when I am listening to it as a "receiver" of massage than when I am "giving" the massage. I just noticed it this last week. I think as the "giver" I am focused on my client and just appreciate the tempo and mode of the background music. As the "receiver" I am more focused on "me", my feelings, emotions, state of body and mind. At first I didn't even realize my friend had your music playing. Didn't notice, no clue. But at a point in the massage while I was super relaxed, I had the AhhHaa moment realizing it was indeed Amy Camie playing the harp. I didn't say a word, I just became focused and noticed how different I felt as I "let" the music sort of soak in. Funny after so many years that I just had this massage music revelation! Sometimes I get a massage and I absolutely abhor the music being played. Annoying! Or I like it, but it really doesn't touch me, so to speak. I am chalking this up to life, age, wisdom, experiences and always changing and evolving into new seasons of life. Profound, yet simple.
Many thanks and much love.



"You touch others in such a deep place with your music...because it comes from such a deep place inside of you." Marti S.


I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner & Pharmacist. I play your music during my EEM sessions & consider it better than Xanax. Thanks for your effort! God gave you a beautiful gift & you use it well. Blessings- Laura B.


Dear Amy,
I want you to know how grateful I am for  the chance to thank you. I have not slept this well since I was a child. Your music enabled me to achieve the serenity and bliss of a child. I felt that I was in the arms of an angel (apologies to Sarah McLaughlin)
Your newest fan, Gary



Just want to say your music has been a blessing in our lives (my wife and I). Let me tell you my wife and I have more than enjoyed your work. I bought her the Magic Mirror about 7 years ago when she was going through breast cancer treatment. She listened to it every night to ease her fears and sleep. It was a blessing. Magic Mirror and Spiced Peaches were two of her main stays and life touch stones. Blessings, Chris


Subject Line: "The Magic Mirror" - Amy....I played this last night for one of my clients, and, without knowing the title of the CD, she said, "that was magical." 

Looking forward to restful sleep. I'm a worrier. That's what keeps me awake. I've tried the white noise type sounds but they didn't work for me. Listening to your clips my mind follows your beautiful sound rather than my own thoughts. Thank you for all you do.
I decided to play the full length CD you gave me for my clinic today: A Space Within. And words will not do justice to this but I felt that you were on your instrument and I mine....and I felt like the 3 of us: you, the patient and I were being elevated in this vibrational platform, a healing symphony playing around us and within us...penetrating every aspect of being. For this particular patient, she described the session as “Delicious”. I feel you are with me in spirit throughout my sessions Amy. Thank you for your gift, again.
Subject Line: "The Miracle of Your Music" - I need to share another amazing outcome of The Magic Mirror music. Gary has been dealing with increased panic attacks, feeling as if he is suffocating and the walls are closing in on him. Sometimes he gets in his truck and drives around with the windows down regardless of the time of night. He is under the care of several doctors for diabetes and on going heart problems. He just had excessively high, life threatening potassium levels last week and was taken by ambulance to the ER. This week he had his 4th heart attack and had a 9th stent placed. He is a high risk for another bypass. These panic attacks have happened for about 8 years, but were few and far between. Now they come every day and night in waves of physical and emotional misery . He is now feeling desperate since he can't asleep whether it's napping or night time sleep, not even if he sits in a recliner. So what can he do? Amy, the ONLY thing that helps is your music! We discovered this about a month ago for his occasional attacks, but didn't see the full impact until last week. I play the CD on a loop in the bedroom and he is able to sleep. He is completely in a deep sleep. This is so wonderful! I know that this is helping his mind and body heal from these panic attacks. If we don't play it, he can't stay asleep. Gary is a good man who carries anger from internalized childhood heart break as well as that from the loss of a son. I know that your music is the best medicine for soothing the scars of his heart and soul. I also know that healing does not mean that a person stays alive, but it can transform their perception of life before they die, however long that is. Your inspiration is a gift to all of us who are touched by your music and your sweet spirit. I am so very grateful to you. You are an inspiring example to the world.



Hi Amy,
Recently, I was visiting my brother in OH.  My niece from TX  was also visiting,  along with her 4 mo. old son. In order to keep the baby happy & calm, my niece played your "Magic Mirror" CD in their bedroom 24/7.  Mother and baby really loved it, & never got tired of it.   




Hi, you must know what a blessing you are... I just, thank God gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The whole time, during active labor, I played your New Love cd. It was so special and helped tremendously. At one point, one of the nurses said she was just going to stay in the room cause it was so peaceful. Thank you for bringing your gift of music and light to the world. ~ Emily


I just had to share with you- my granddaughter has hydrocephalus (she is 8 weeks old)She is a very poor eater. I watched her all day yesterday and put on “The Magic Mirror” while I fed her and she ate wonderful.  She usually takes 3 ounces tops and took 5 ounces listening to your cd.Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift.
- Karen Strickfaden, RN


"The Magic Mirror has been a tool for creating peace in my home. Every evening as we begin to settle down for the night the magic mirror is the transitional music that calms my children's body, mind and soul. This creation has been the bridge that has moved my two children from a 2 year stint of sleeping in my room due to a difficult trauma into the space of calmness and relaxation. I'm so thankful for its healing properties that have allowed us to move forward in our lives"  Nicole W, mother and trauma survivor




July 12, 2011 - DailyOM Review

The Magic Mirror
Amy Camie 

An extraordinarily empathic harp player, Amy Camie has long been active in exploring the healing elements of music. She has played in hospitals and hospices, and her CD The Magic Mirror was used in the Scientific Arts Foundation's study of music on the mental health of cancer patients. The test subjects listened to the album in its entirety once a day for 10 days and afterward tested significantly lower in stress levels. The results are even included on the back of the CD, along with liner notes explaining how the harp's vibrational entrainment and sympathetic resonance work to align the breathing, heart rate, and molecular vibrations of the listener. The album is just one 23-minute track, but that's all that's needed. Its relatively short duration helps make it an easy commitment if you want to see some significant improvement in your life, or give a gift that could save a loved one's life without scaring them off in the process.

Besides having scientifically documented healing powers, The Magic Mirror is a simple yet stunning work of solo harp, with a gentle melodic outline gradually sketched in and stunningly counter-shaded through Camie's dexterous playing and clear-hearted gift for letting alternating currents vibrate and cascade up and down the strings. Camie was clearly inspired when she made The Magic Mirror, as she notes of the recording session: "The studio felt like a temple or sanctuary and the music just flowed through me as if from a divine source."

Indeed, you can feel that divine source flowing from Camie's harp into your soul if you do as she recommends and listen in a quiet place with headphones and as much openness to the vibrations as your scattered self can muster. "Relax, breathe, and let go...the chimes will bring your attention back at the end." Benefits may include a greater tolerance and forgiveness for the burdensome, negative energy of others; a sympathetic vibration with the true loving core of the universal soul; and a greater connection to the inner peace that has always been with you. After a few weeks of daily, close listening you may forget altogether how uptight and stressed you used to be. Let The Magic Mirror reflect your true nature and reverse your stress magnet polarity until you yourself become timeless love, breathing in each next lovely resonant pluck of Amy Camie's absolving, wondrous, healing harp strings. 


It's a beautiful day here in NKy, but I'd been too busy caring for sick family to enjoy.  Finally at 5:30, there was a spot of sun left in the gazebo, so before staring dinner, I sat in the sun with my feet up and listened to Magic Mirror to recharge my batteries.  I was transported into a goddess' garden with an alchemical pool of golden rainbow healing water that was conscious and had the intelligence to bring me exactly what I needed to rejuvenate and regenerate.  The visions of being cared for and nourished in the peaceful place were wonderful. Thank you for 20 minutes of magic and restorative bliss!! Love & Hugs, - Laura 


 I am a massage therapist for a hospice organization and I just had to tell you how your music affected my patients. Yesterday, I went to see two lovely ladies on the third floor ( secure wing ) for their session. As soon as I put on your music two more ladies walked into the room and arranged themselves on chairs to listen. All four of these highly agitated women were immediately calmed and relaxed.  I even got one of them to unclench her hands which to my knowledge I have never been able to do accomplish in the last eight months.  I just thought you might want to know what a blessing you are to me and others.
Janet H. LMT


What has really surprised me with your music is that it is not giving me the feeling I usually have while I am listening to other music. Usually, music keeps my mind busy because it follows some kind of harmonious rules (such as when I experiment with classical music). Instead, with your music I feel more connected with what could be called the abstract mind (right brain) and the music makes the border between the two minds (lower and abstract) more apparent (it is a funny and pleasant feeling). I feel your music "speaks" to the right brain and stops the left one from running and being locked in negative patterns of thought (where I think tensions are expressed). This probably allows the entrance of positive and balanced energy in the body and then we feel better and eventually start to heal. 
With Gratitude, 
Dr. Sébastien Cayzac
Centre de Neurosciences Intégratives et Cognitives
Bordeaux 1 University, France


Hi Amy....I thought I would send this to you as a thank you. I emailed you about a month ago asking about your cd's because of a friend I have that was diagnosed with cancer all over the body.  At that time, he was in hospice and trying to be as comfortable as possible.  He was given high doses of morphine just to sleep and be comfortable.  I finally sent them the cd last week (something I should have done earlier, but it slipped my mind a few times), but they finally received it.  Yesterday morning, he woke up thrashing and gasping for air.  He begged to go.  He was completely miserable.  He asked for your cd to be played to calm him down............he did just that.  He calmed down enough to go.  He just passed away last night.  I want to thank you for producing such heartfelt., beautiful, and soothing music.  You are truly a healing gift.
The cd I sent to them was the one with the rose that says "awaken to yourself" I think.  I bought this last year for my newborn and it's fantastic.  In fact, my daughters wall is right up against the living room wall on the couch my husband sits on every night.  We couldn't figure out why he was falling asleep on the couch sitting up at 7pm every evening (this is the hour our daughter goes down and I turn on your cd).  Then, it dawned on us....as soon as I turned on your cd...within minutes he would fall asleep hearing the harp through the walls!!!!!!!!!!!  We cracked up.....pretty amazing. SO...thank you again....thought I would share this with you.....hope it puts a smile on your face.....you deserve it!

Your music has had an incredibly positive effect on my mental health and well-being. 
Your music is not only beautiful, it is soothing, relaxing and most importantly calming. 
Mike Fayette, President (Volunteer), Voices of the Wounded Foundation
Retired, US Army, March 1982 – March 2013 (31 years 1 month)

Amy Camie sent her New Love CD to our son at the beginning of his Bone Marrow Transplant...it was waiting for us at the hospital when we checked in. It helped our then 8yr old relax during the worst pain and fear. We played it nightly for 2yrs post transplant for him to sleep by. We are still listening three years after first receiving this heartfelt gift and still find peace and relaxation during the many especially hard times for him. Thank you for this gift...we think of your generosity and caring often.
Sincerely, Amy and Wade Patrick (Parents of Ryan)
It is my pleasure to play your music...there were 2 or 3 different patients who recognized you as soon as the music started and they were so thankful to enjoy your music along with their massage. Honest! They would comment about the peace and beauty several times throughout the massage. One of them was a man! ---and guys usually don’t comment about the music! So. I want MY OWN…to take with me wherever I need them!God Bless you Amy, and thank you for bringing them in! - Aljay, Massage Therapist
In a tremendously difficult and challenging period of my life, due to recent cancer surgery, the death of my husband and death of my mother within 20 days of each other, my need to destress was palpable. This CD was a tremendous source of comfort and joy as I relaxed and could finally sleep to regain emotional equilibrium. Thank you.
Carol Reiley

Hi Amy!!!!
I rescued a very cute stray Beagle last night and kept her overnight. To relax her I played the Magic Mirror on infinite repeat! In the morning she was a very well adjusted dog!!! You should market that record to Kennels! They love to play soothing classical music for their dogs!!

When I turned on "The Magic Mirror" for the first time, it didn't get turned off for 2 months. Why? Mainly because my 14 year old daughter said, "it helps Lily (our dog) relax. Is that sweet...her way of admitting how much she liked it too:) Amy's music expresses LOVE in it's purest form.
I am a life long insomniac and I have found one item that has helped me enormously...it is this CD. It just relaxes you in very short order and the music is just so beautiful. I have tried everything under the sun and this CD has helped me time and again. I even take it with me when I travel for business, as that can be a tough sleeping situation. 
Janet Ryan, Ryan Public Relations
As a cancer patient, I have listened to your CD many times because of trouble sleeping.  I can truthfully say that I'm not familiar with the second half of the CD because I'm not awake to hear it. - Gloria

"The Magic Mirror" definitely works! I also listen to it every day....It's strange, but somehow your music changes my perception of.... everything actually -- like it's revealing the true face of life; it's magical beauty....I can't thank you enough for this :-)


What a wonderful, relaxing cd! I've found it to be a great source of non-intrusive, yet soothing background music in my house and office. I play it for hours every day. I find that it not only is soothing to the soul, but it helps me to focus more clearly on my work. I can go through the business day much easier, without becoming stressed. Also, my niece has found it helps her newborn to fall asleep more easily. I was so pleased with "The Magic Mirror-Inspired Reflections", I bought five more to give away as Christmas presents this year. That wasn't enough though... I'm planning on buying several more. They make wonderful gifts for just about everyone! - Laura

I don't know what the magic is in this recording; the beauty of the harp playing, the resonant sound of the harp itself, the desire of the artist to bring comfort to people in turmoil, the particular melodies. Whatever the source, there is magic here.
Linda S., Cancer Patient
In treating patients with excessive stress or hypertension, I've been using the solo harp CD, NEW LOVE "awaken to yourself" with dramatic results. I've been comparing various types of music with this solo harp CD. In every case thus far the level of relaxation, as measured by the increase in the alpha wave frequency, is greater when this CD is used.
William G. Collins, Ph.D.
I coordinate a Complementary Therapies Program for a large Hospice in Florida. We give Amy's CD, "New Love," to our patients and families. This music is so soothing to those dealing with the diagnosis of a terminal illness. I have walked into homes filled with utter chaos only to play Amy's music and watch the household calm into peacefulness and renewed coping abilities. I have used Amy's music in my own life as well, to "de-stress" from the Trauma of 3 hurricanes we experienced last year and also during the time of my diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. What a God send it was and continues to be to me. I now think of the people in the aftermath of Katrina and how helpful this music would be to comfort their frayed bodies, minds and emotions. Amy is such a Blessing to our world during these times we live in.
Christine Garden, RN, CHPN, CHTP, LTM
I have hundreds of relaxing music CDs but this one is truly magical. I could have the most difficult day but at night I listen to this music, it melts all my stress in a few seconds. I recommend it to everyone. - Nazzie
As I was listening on the first night my thoughts were crowding my head as I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't tune them out.  Upon completion of the music I turned over and immediately fell asleep. I should add that I also have Fibromyalgia and restful sleep just doesn't happen with this disease. Well after the first night I awoke rested. I have made a habit of listening to The Magic Mirror upon retiring each evening and am delighted that it works better each evening.
I do so enjoy giving out your CD to our patients. They absolutely love it and I can't tell you how comforting it has been in such a scary hurricane season...We've almost given out the 1000. Isn't that wonderful. Thank you so much for using your God given talent to uplift so many others. You truly will never see the impact you have had.
Christine Garden, RN, CHPN, CHTP, LTM 
This note is to thank you for all the "New Love" CDs you have sent. Events of September 11, 2001 have taught us how much we all have a need to step back, decompress and relax. Your CD has become part of the "Ft. Totten Experience." During the day it is played for clients and staff alike. We continue to be pleased by the response we get from family members and fire fighters that have gotten copies. I cannot thank you enough for the hours of relief your work and kindness have brought the FDNY family.
Received from a New York City Counseling Unit after 9/11
Amy's New Love CD is simply wonderful! I can sit and listen to it over and over again, and it puts me in touch with a place of inner peace. Amy's intention to give love to the world just vibrates through her fingertips and pours out through her harp to inspire healing to any individual who might be experiencing any physical, mental, or spiritual wounds in their lifetime...as well as to anyone who simply wants to sit back, relax and enjoy the magic of a beautifully played instrument!
Sandy Jost, Ph.D.

I have been through two open heart surgeries and three brain surgeries and a serious car accident and five heart attacks just last year.  My pain is incredible to say the least.  Amy gave me her music and her love.  She has helped me so much through not only the music but her faithfulness as a true friend.  Thankfully Amy saw this when I spoke to her about her music.  I am so grateful that she went above and beyond the focus of just cancer patients.  She sent me her CD’s to listen to.  I now listen to them every day.  The most effective CDs for me are “New Love” and “The Magic Mirror.”  I am able to slow my heart rate down, and then become calm.  The vibrations of the harp music are intense to me.  They flow into my inner core and I can FEEL it all.  That is how I am able to concentrate on the music and not my pain. The most incredible thing is, is that I am able to control my heart rate and my pain through her music and not through drugs. Amy’s music has given me life.  She and I talk through e-mail, though not often enough.  I am able to call her, and her words to me over the phone are just as inspirational to me as her music.  Amy truly believes in what she does. What Amy has done for me and so many of my friends that I have shared her music with is incredible.  Her heart is huge.  I just thank her for what she gives me. - Paula Clark

Our family experienced a house fire due to a natural gas leak and explosion of our next-door neighbor's home. After the explosion, my son had recurrent nightmares, difficulty sleeping and was very anxious about unfamiliar sounds and smells...Amy's music enabled him to calm himself and settle down to sleep. We play the music every night at bedtime. It has also made a very positive impact on the behavior of my autistic twin four-year olds. Their sleep has improved, as well. I credit Amy's music with improving our quality of life. It has helped my son to nearly completely recover from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It has helped him to go on and lead a normal life. It has decreased anxiety and stress in our home. And it is so pleasant and uplifting to hear. We are fortunate to be blessed by her music which has helped my family immensely.
Mother of 3


I have 4 different examples of the powerfully gentle effect of The Magic Mirror CD- My sister is a Missionary in Bolivia working with young girls, troubled by life experiences. One girl I call my adopted godchild, as she seemed to need a spiritual godmother. She by description was anxious and noncompliant to even the every day happenings, restless and tormented. She was offered a space of quiet with the melodious sounds of this Harp Music as a background, shortly much to the teachers surprise, she fell asleep. I anxiously await more wonderful news from her. Thanks so much.
The second is very personal, I am at a very energetic job and at times winding done after long hours is difficult. I decided to turn off the TV and listen to the music of the The Magic Mirror, I remember nothing further, I just remember being refreshed in the morning. Now it is very frequently used. Thanks so much.
My youngest sister, who recently experienced the tragedy of the suicidal loss of her only son, came to my house a month after the funeral. I had her room set up and had my CD player on repeat so that the music of The Magic Mirror was always her background. It not only provided her with a peaceful environment, but also helped her so much in getting sleep in somewhat restless nights. The last experience is about a dear friend of many years who comes a long distance to visit in my home where she finds peace and tranquility. She too had the The Magic Mirror experience. and woke up very refreshed and more relaxed. Thanks so much it is such a blessing, and so are you.
Mary Ann DeMoor
Nurse, Ordained Minister, Hypnotherapist
This is beautiful, magical, wonderful, peaceful, healing music! I love it! Thank you Amy for sharing your gift. A Hundred thousand Blessings!
Margaret C. Broad
The CD is everything I hoped it would be and more. As a therapeutic harpist, I found the music perfect for relaxation, meditation, and healing. I'm going to buy another one for my massage therapist for Christmas!
Nell Morris, ACCM
I bought the CD for myself and another I shared with a friend who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and a friend who is being treated for breast cancer. They are both enjoying it immensely.
Rosemary Rovick
The Magic Mirror is miraculous
I love all of Amy's CDs. They all give me a sense of well-being and calm. I feel soothed after listening. Amy has a very special connection that is divinely inspired through her music. I have not sold a CD of Amy's or given one as a gift to anyone who has not loved her CDs and asked for more. The Magic Mirror is miraculous. I have listened to this CD to be inspired, when I have been so tired I didn't think I could do more and to rebalance when I have been upset. This is an amazing CD. If you want to feel balanced, healthy and calm this is a very powerful CD. The Magic Mirror CD is also a wonderful tool for those with friends or family who have physical or emotional dis-ease, helping the body move into a place of balance for healing.
Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC
I use guided imagery as a healing tool that helps people learn how to listen to their own inner voice of truth; and Amy Camie's harp on this CD is SO heartfelt, that it seems to be the method that helps people HEAR their voice of health easiest of all!
Wonder-full listening experience - will use with clients.
Dr. Sandy Jost
Amy's done it again - this CD opened my heart and I find myself playing it often, especially when I'm working in my office and on my finances - it heads tension off at the pass! I've had success with Amy's "New Love" CD in reducing anxiety in clients, and I intend to use "The Magic Mirror" to the same purpose. It truly is a wonder-full listening experience!
Kevin Ferris, MSW, LCSW
Dear Amy Camie,
I wish to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful Magic Mirror CD. It has helped me sleep which has been a problem for me for decades!!! Thank you for your talent and research! Barbara 


College life is stressful- anyone who has experienced it can attest to that. Between passing tests, making rent, and maintaining some semblance of a social life, it's easy to become overwhelmed. In that sort of environment, it's important to find something that can bring a little peace into one's life. For me, that was Amy's music. Whenever things felt like they were going just a little too fast, I'd put on "The Magic Mirror" and breathe. I can't count the number of nights I fell asleep listening to that CD, letting its meditative melodies carry me away from all the stress and static of the world around me. I can safely say that Amy's gift made a profound, positive impact on my college experience, and would absolutely recommend her albums to anyone looking to find a reprieve from stress, discomfort, or anxiety.





Email Exchange with Stress Combat Control Specialists:

Re: Fwd: idea for returning veterans 
7/4/2008 11:31:10 PM Central Standard Time

Hi Amy,
I'm currently deployed and will be for the next 5 months.  I was curious to know if the organizations you work with would be willing to put together a care package including your CDs for the troops here.  We have a lot of sleep and anxiety and stress problems in the clinic here.

Re: idea for returning veterans 
7/5/2008 11:24:52 AM Central Standard Time

Hi Jessie,
YES!!  I will put a package together immediately...just tell me how many CDs and where to mail them and we'll get them to you.  Thank you so much for asking!

Much Love,


Re: idea for returning veterans 
7/7/2008 5:34:00 AM Central Standard Time


Wow, wasn't expecting a reply so fast.  Thank you!  I know our soldiers will appreciate being able to sleep if nothing else.  I love your CDs for that and a bad day.  As far as numbers, 25-50 would be wonderful.  I understand if you can't send that many, but I know it will be appreciated....
Combat Stress Control
(the rest of the address has been removed for security reasons)

Thank you so much for your support and your research!

July, 2009

Dear Amy,

I'm the Outreach Manager for the Combat Stress Team here in COB Adder, Iraq. Me and my team we're cleaning up some old materials as we transitioned to our new place of deployment when we came across your old letter to Jessica, one of the Airman that was here exactly a year ago. The letter was given to me because I'm the Outreach Manager, and was asked if I can contact you to get some sort of relaxation cd for our troops. As we're entering our third month of deployment, we are seeing more soldiers with stress, anger, and anxiety problems (please refer to this site for current statistics: www.defenselink.mil )....Do you still have the cd that we can give to the soldiers? It will be greatly appreciated. Anything that they can have to help them relax and will be accessible for them after a long hot working day!

Thank you so much.
Capt D  
Combat Stress Control/Outreach Manager
(the rest of the address has been removed for security reasons)


The results I received from the men in the military(St. Louis) were that they enjoyed the music.  It made them relax and feel calm after listening to it.  Many of the clients would rather have used it when they were in therapy because they felt uncomfortable leaving their family out of the process.  Several stated that they could listen to it and process their feelings right away rather than wait to talk about it later.  The men also found that when they needed to calm down from daily changes since Iraq, they would use it to help them.  
T. Cooks-Allen, Ph.D.

I wish to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful Magic Mirror CD. It has helped me sleep which has been a problem for me for decades!!! Thank you for your talent and research!




These comments are from GuideStar's survey of nonprofits:

As a hospice volunteer I have attended training sessions conducted by Amy Camie of the SAF, and I am aware of her work with our patients at the de Greeff Hospice House in St. Louis. Amy's presentations on vibrational awareness and the positive effects this type of therapy can have via the mind-body connection (as suggested by research conducted by the SAF) challenge the tenets of conventional medicine and offer intriguing promise for the future treatment of disease. 
Larry B.

The Great!
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... how it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of alternative therapy in the treatment of disease and the well-being of patients.
If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could... conduct the research that would allow it to responsibly advance the possibilities that music/vibration therapy can offer. Amy Camie is the right person at the right time to overcome institutional resistance to fundamental change.
Ways to make it better
One thing I'd also say is that... Amy is uniquely qualified, personally and professionally, to "speak truth to power" regarding music/vibration therapy. Simply put - if she gets research funding, she can change the world.
As an author and educator on the use of guided imagery in the medical world, Amy's music has been phenomenal in providing a supportive foundation for many. Because it is ONLY when a person feels strong enough on the inside that they can ever then find the strength to "rebuild" ... and actually "lift" themselves up to a newer and healthier place! What better gift can any musician give but a heart that is filled with the intention to heal? Thank you Amy, for all that you do to "gift" us just that! 
Sandy Jost, PhD
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... even the traditional medical world.
Ways to make it better
One thing I'd also say is that... it is always great to see the many ways in which our science can support the efforts of holistic health.
I work within the breast cancer community in St. Louis and have had countless miraculously positive experiences with the Scientific Arts Foundation, specifically Amy Camie and her music. I will TRY to condense these experiences to specific venues. Most importantly, Amy have gifted me with CD's to put into the hands of patients struggling with the side-effects of breast cancer treatments. The stories I have heard as a result of my clients' experiences with this music is beyond profound. I have chills all over my body and tears in my eyes as I recall some of the stories...sleep achieved with the help of her music made many of my clients feel more able to move through the rest of life (motherhood, professional, wife, friend) more peacefully and feeling more 'like themselves'. Amy has presented to all of the support groups/educational programs I have ever requested. Everyone loves her and feels the spirit of her intention instantly. I've witnessed miracles within these 'presentations' as well...tears and joy too. Some women, feeling consumed by sadness or anger, felt relief as she played her music for them in person. A day after one of Amy's presentations, a woman I knew for years struggled with grief and anger said she resisted coming to the Amy's talk because she only liked the 'clinical' presentations to keep up with research, etc. She said with tears in her eyes, "I felt different after Amy played. I took her CD and played it when I got home. I cried tears that I hadn't allowed and slept more deeply than I have in years. I plan on making her music a part of my every day, thank you." With years of stories like this one accumulated in my heart, it's difficult to put into words the "experience" I've had with Amy and the Scientific Arts Foundation. I also want to note I appreciate the foundation's commitment to clinically document the effects of the music...I know that is what it will take to get it into the hands of more cancer patients and others who would benefit. As a caregiver, I use Magic Mirror and the other CD's as a way of taking care of myself. 
Michelle C.
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... the lives of the cancer patients exposed to Amy's music on physical, emotional and mental levels...and then some.
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... its clarity of intention. There is no ego involved. The Scientific Arts Foundation wants to help empower individuals in their own healing.
Ways to make it better
My experience would have been better if... everyone diagnosed with cancer was handed the Magic Mirror CD. The research had documented a change in "chemo brain" which is one of the worst side-effects my clients speak of.
One thing I'd also say is that... I am grateful, professionally and personally, for the Scientific Arts Foundation.
As a researcher and individual who has come to value the work that the Scientific Arts Foundation is accomplishing on a person to person level that I am amazed that cancer is still around. The director, Amy Camie is so dynamic and purpose driven that with such great energy behind the SAF efforts it seems that cancer does not stand a chance.. and when it comes to the dramatic research they are doing it seems that a cancer trouble spot "chemo brain " can be lessened significantly. My hat goes off to the efforts of the SAF for their public educational seminars, low cost distribution of research music proven to reduce chemo related stress, personal intervention on a case my case basis and of course the time and talent of the director Amy Camie.
Deborah B.
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... The looks on the faces of the individuals who are battling cancer when they came in contact with the SAF research and of course Amy herself
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... The willingness to communicate, share and dream without regard to time ...it's only the person who matters most
The kinds of staff and volunteers that I met were... exceptional
If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could... make a huge impact in the war not only with cancer but other morbidities such as diabetes, obesity, ADHD, and autism
Ways to make it better
My experience would have been better if... there were enough funds to carry out the SAF already approved IRB hospital based study.... if only a small grant of $60 - 70K could be realized then folks could start winning in the battle with cancer
If I ran this organization, I would... take the need for grant $$$ directly to the public through media interventions
In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization are... money alone
One thing I'd also say is that... if wishes, good deeds, tremendous effort, unfailing determination and humble heart-felt prayers could generate dollars than the SAF would be a household word and forever identified as an organization who played a huge role in enabling mankind to thrive
Amy Camie is a living angel. We are a hospice organization, and we have all of Amy's CD and use them all the time with our patients and families. Music has always been a source of comfort and enjoyment for most people, but Amy's harp music is theraputic and holistic...the body, mind and spirit in rhythm. She made a personal visit to one of our patients who stuffed all her emotions inside. While Amy played for her, the patient had an emotional release and wailed for quite some time. Amy just continued to play. She stopped playing when the patient stopped wailing and had drifted off into a deep sleep. The patient's response to the music was a life changing experience for one of our nurses present. It touched Amy too, and was an awesome example that what she is doing at the Scientific Arts Foundation is what she needs to continue doing in the art of music and healing.
Namaste Mary Magill Founder and Executive Director Alternative Hospice
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... Amy vibrates at an angelic vibration, and so does her music because she puts her heart and soul into reaching out to others.
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... miracles happen, angels are all around us and Amy is one of them
The kinds of staff and volunteers that I met were... genuine
If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could... fly, with miracles all around.Christ said we would do greater things than He did,... and in the art of healing we can when we use the gifts we have and take a leap of faith.
Ways to make it better
My experience would have been better if... not applicable
If I ran this organization, I would... not be productive because Music is not my gift. My gift is being a wise old medicine woman.
In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization are... Growing at a faster rate that she can handle alone.
One thing I'd also say is that... We love you Amy Camie!
After having prostate cancer surgery in 1996, I used the New Love CD for relaxation and meditation to speed my recovery. The last time I saw my urologist he said "13 years cancer free." I attribute a lot of this to my change of lifestyle by using the music on the CD. Since then I have given other CD's to friends and family who had cancer and informed them of the research proving its effectiveness on cancer patients. As the Scientific Arts foundation continues its goals and objectives, I want to help spread the word to others facing cancer to use the CD to improve their quality of life.
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... the way the New Love CD helped me change my lifestyle and attitude while facing cancer.
Ways to make it better
In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization are... getting money to continue the research to benefit all cancer patients
I have used the music of Amy Camie personally, given her cds as gifts to my friends and included it professionally with clients in my private practice. I am a licensed psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders. Listening to the cd New Love is not just enjoyable its therapeutic benefit has been demonstrated by research. I strongly recommend that you reward the Scientific Arts Foundation's serious work.
Ann Crowley, PhD
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... the consistent quality of the work of Amy Camie.
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... the diligence that has been demonstrated to refine the work and validate its usefulness.
The kinds of staff and volunteers that I met were... knowledgable, dedicated, and committed.
If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could... reduce the suffering of untold numbers of cancer victims.
Ways to make it better
My experience would have been better if... I could have found a broader audience to share the experience. I host a television program entitled Guidelines for Mental Health and have had Amy Camie as a guest on the program several times over the past 4 years.
If I ran this organization, I would... Search for a professional writer to prepare the research findings for a highly respected journal in the cancer research field.
In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization are... finding a vehicle to carry their exceptional knowledge and ability to the public.
One thing I'd also say is that... an enormous amount of work is being done by the Scientific Arts Foundation without compensation and that needs to change.
Magic Mirror, a CD for patients going through chemotherapy to promote healing is fabulous. This is possible due to Amy Camie and the Scientific Arts Foundation. We have had great feedback from our patients about this CD. Please recognize the fine work of this group.
Sincerely, Michelle Keating RN, OCN St. John's Mercy Medical Center Cancer Information Center 314-251-6400
The Great!
I've seen the results of this organization in... in our patients experiencing better coping with chemo
What I've enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is... the ease and helpfulness
The kinds of staff and volunteers that I met were... wonderful
If this organization had 10 million bucks, it could... provide more CD's and s ervices to help patients
Ways to make it better
My experience would have been better if... we could use this CD with every patient
If I ran this organization, I would... continue this work
In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization are... funding to continue this great work
One thing I'd also say is that... Amy Camie is wonderful!