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Conscious Self-Care
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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Conscious Self-Care can help.

When we discover how
resonance informs our choices
compassionate change awakens from within. 


The cost to view this 2 hour course is normally $30 

To help those struggling during
the COVID-19 pandemic,
the cost to view this course
has been reduced to $14.99

(1 hr. 43 mins. video plus time to review handouts and fill out the Evaluation)

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Conscious Self-Care is about
Embracing the Fullness of Who We Are

Conscious Self-Care offers a new way of seeing ourselves and others - through the lens of energy and resonance. This fresh and inspiring program expands perceptions and the importance of self-care as the harp is used to demonstrate the wholeness of who we are. As participants remember that we all embody the vibrational experiences of our lifetime, as well as the inherited vibrational patterns of our ancestors, they gain a deeper understanding into their own relationship with themselves and their relationships with others. Through the concepts of sympathetic resonance, forced resonance and entrainment they are encouraged to recognize patterns of belief and behavior, often habitual or inherited, and are empowered to make loving and supportive choices within the moment.  Compassionate change awakens within each individual as they begin to embrace the fullness of who they are, and from this place of compassion, realize how their conscious self-care choices also affect those around them, creating ripples of change out into the world.


Conscious Self-Care Is A Journey of:
  • Moment by moment choices.
  • Expanding perceptions.
  • Compassionate Change and Transformation.
Conscious Self-Care Is A Journey Where We:
  • Awaken to ourselves.
  • Attune and balance our thoughts and feelings.
  • Align with our truth by transforming old beliefs.
  • Lovingly embrace the fullness of who we are




Contact Hours, CEUs, and CPUs Approved for:

To receive Contact Hour/CEUs credit, a completed purchase is required as your Registration for this course. Upon completion of your purchase, you'll be directed to the Video Course 1 page to view the program. If you're not redirected, please Contact me.  

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NOTE: If you are purchasing for multiple people to view this program, (for example, everyone in your practice, office, or business) each viewer will need to fill out an Evaluation and you, as the purchaser, will  need to send me the names of everyone who viewed so they can be officially Registered for their contact hours, CEUs or CPUs.


RN, LPN, LMHT relicensure:

Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing is approved as a provider of continuing nursing education by the Kansas State Board of Nursing. This course offering is approved for 2.7 contact hours applicable for RN, LPN, or LMHT relicensure. Kansas State Board of Nursing Provider Number: LT0279-0412 GKCC304. 


PSYCHOLOGISTS and Licensed Persons whose licensing board accepts APA Sponsored Programs:

This program is cosponsored with The Center for Human Potential of America, Inc.  The Center for Human Potential of America, Inc. is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Center for Human Potential of America, Inc. maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This course offering is approved for 2 CEs to psychologists and any mental health licensed person (i.e., clinical social worker, mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist) whose licensing board accepts APA sponsored programs. 



The State Committee for Social Workers has approved this course for 2 contact hours for Social Workers through the organization Care Choice Care Management, Chesterfield, Missouri.


The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) has approved this self-care home study course for 2 CEs through the Approved Provider, Amy Camie. CE Provider number 100032 with an expiration date of January 30, 2023. 



The following National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) Accredited Programs have approved this course for 2 Continuing Professional Units and Continuing Education Units:
Bedside Harp, Accredited since 2017 (CPU)
Clinical Musician Certification Program (Offered by Harp for Healing, LLC), Accredited since 2008 (CEU)
International Harp Therapy Program, Accredited since 2008(CEU)
Music for Healing and Transition Program, Accredited since 2008 (CEU)


A Public Viewing Certificate of Completion is available to download with the Educational Outline of this course  (Objectives, Content, Time Frames, Presenters, and Teaching Strategies ) that can be submitted for possible credit from your institution or licensing board.

For other licensed professional groups interested in approving this course for contact hours, please contact me.



Overall Objective of the Course:

Conscious Self-Care programs introduce participants to an expanded understanding of resonance and how their energetic presence affects those around them. With this expanded perception they'll gain a deeper understanding as to why it's important to take care of themselves, what simple intentional choices they can make throughout their day, and be empowered with new ways to recognize old patterns of behavior in order to make different choices. The ultimate goal of "Conscious Self-Care" is to inspire compassionate change, creating harmonious and thriving environments.


1. Identify the difference between sympathetic resonance, forced resonance, and entrainment

2. Determine how one’s energetic presence affects those around them

3. Define “Conscious Self-Care” as any intentional choice that supports one's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or creative well-being.

4. Evaluate different conscious self-care options such as breathing and simple meditation techniques, music, and essential oils that fit into one’s daily routine

5. Integrate the use of daily conscious self-care options in one’s personal and professional lives


* Introduction and demonstration of resonance, sympathetic resonance, forced resonance and entrainment

* Relating the understanding of vibrational resonance to personal energy and importance of conscious self-care

* Introduction of simple self-care choices, easy meditation techniques, healing artwork in work/home spaces, high-quality essential oils - emphasizing as you take care of yourself, you’re better able to care of others

* Music as another self-care option, experience the difference between familiar vs. unfamiliar music and when to choose each type, and discerning the difference between music therapy and therapeutic music

Planning Committee Members:
Amy Camie, BA, CCM
Patricia A Dulle BSN, RN-BC, OCN, CHTP
Susan Signorino, LMSW, CMC



Sampling of Comments from Audience Participants:

"Listening to this program brought a whole shift in perspective in my conscious awareness of my energy and how I show up as a caregiver in my career, in my home, and as a caregiver to myself and my own needs. As a nurse and a musician, I found this content extremely informative, useful, and practical to apply. The content of this program provided me with a new mindset that I was able to put to practice immediately, and the content was so beautifully and clearly presented by Amy and her magical healing harp! I highly recommend!"

"Very appropriate to helping give better nursing care. Very different than what I expected."

"Well done. Very interesting and a new way of thinking."

"Very new information - very well presented."   "Wonderful, contemplative theories."

"As an engineer, we're taught these concepts.  I just never thought to apply them in this way."

"Such important concepts for self-care and helping others - thank you!"

"Too bad more clinical caregivers couldn't access this presentation.  It would be so helpful for our ill patients."

"Very enlightening. I understand more about sound, vibrations and how through music/sound our inner selves can be healed."

"Very good information that I will use in my interpersonal relationships in my personal and professional life. Thank You!"

"Very useful information-can apply to real life."

"Excellent presentation. I can apply this daily."

"Makes so much sense - thankful you made us conscious of this"

"Such a wise message of self-care...one cannot pour from an empty cup. Everything is connected - love it! Totally enjoyed the info and actually better understand vibrational energy, which I am sensitive to."

"The pieces about harmony vs. meeting the other person where they are or trying to bring them to your frequency is SO RELEVANT to interpersonal relationships and social work in a professional setting. SO ENLIGHTENING - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

"So helpful and practical!  You have helped bring new insight and confirmation of our practices and values! Thank you a million!"

"I've often thought of some of these concepts, but thinking about them in terms of vibrations adds another dimension to them.  My concepts have expanded and have become enriched."

"I think of all the messages you sent in the video, the one I like the best is that doing little things for yourself just because they feel good is a form of self-care. It's not a huge event, doesn't make any demands, doesn't take any time, doesn't require an extra commitment or another thing for the to-do list. It just gives permission to do little things that make you smile, even if that smile is a hidden smile that only you can see. It can be as simple as a thought. It can be simply looking at Montana's blue sky and saying, "that's what I love about Montana." It can be as simple as looking at the picture of someone you love and smiling. It can be warm sunshine. It can be feeling the warmth of a cup of tea. It's something that can be done multiple times during the day to maintain a joyful, peaceful, contented spirit. It's not an island of self-care that can only be accessed at certain times or locations, it is more like a stream of self-care that is always flowing, always accessible if we only open our eyes to it. It's very simple and is the kind of self-care that works for me. I'm glad to see it being recognized. Thank you." 
Mary Stevens, CCM, VAHTP
Director, Harp for Healing
Clinical Musician Certification Program


A Brief Background

My journey of self-discovery began in 1987
and continues each and every day.

In 1992 my relationship with music began to expand
as questions about how music heals emerged from within me.

Listening and trusting my intuition led to the
development of pilot study research with my music.

For over 20 years I've shared
Vibrational Awareness & The Healing Power of Music
presentations with local, regional and national audiences.

In December 2010, my first of two breast cancer diagnoses
gave me an unexpected excuse to slow down
and start taking care of myself instead of always caring for others
- this is when my personal "conscious self-care" journey began
and continues each and every day.

Now I bring together 40+ years of classical and therapeutic musical training,
expertise in vibrational resonance, decades of spiritual self-discovery,
and personal experiences as a cancer patient
into a fresh and expanded perspective of self-care
that empowers participants with ways they can support  themselves
 - one conscious choice at a time."


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