Meet Amy

I'm a classically trained, spiritual, 'healing harpist' who loves sharing music that simply flows through me. It's taken years to open to this magical language of the soul...traveling through the fears within my mind thinking that I didn't know enough theory to write my own music. Moving from my head into my heart has been a journey in and of itself. Shifting my perception of 'performing for the outside' to 'sharing from the inside' is a gift I now pass on to my students and anyone who listens to my music.  

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Meet my husband, 
John Camie

My husband, best friend and soul mate, John Camie
is the inspiration and producer of all my original music.

John is also the Messenger of
The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery.
It is this system that has helped me awaken
to my unique expression of love
which I joyously share with you.



Our Company,
BlueStar Productions, Inc.



Scientific Arts Foundation