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I AM...My Soul's Love Manifesting

I AM...an expression of love

I AM...an expression of life

I AM...an expression of light

I AM...an expression of joy

I AM...an expression of beauty

I AM...an expression of compassion

I AM....blessedInn  


Somewhere deep down, I've always known my life was destined.  Ever since I can remember, my guiding theme has always been, "everything happens for a reason."  Now, I see how everything is coming together...here's a brief synopsis of why I love my life:

* I was adopted as an infant at one month by amazing parents who were both music teachers

* began playing piano in kindergarten (5yrs) and my father suggested I start harp when I was in 4th grade (10yrs)

* participated in various scholarship pageants which helped me develop my speaking confidence

* took dance lessons for 10 years (ballet, tap, jazz & pointe)

* went to Indiana University where I studied harp with Susanne McDonald and Linda Wood and graduated with a BA in Telecommunications

* met my future husband at an event, where he booked the musicians, called "A Night Under the Stars"  Yes, I was late and he was upset ... but it all worked out thanks to a lot of laughter. Oh, and did I mention he's 25 years older than me.

* he hired me to help book other events and we started working on a video documentary for International Variety Club where I became a music editor for various video projects ... we got married in 1992

* recorded a 'home-made' cassette tape for a family friend going through hospice care - this was my first introduction to music & healing

* developed a two-part questionnaire with a music therapist to measure the perceived effect of my harp music on listeners

* had two amazing sons who continue to be my best teachers

* my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer - recorded New Love "awaken to yourself" to help him relax (he's now cancer free!)

* met William Collins, Ph.D. who offered to do a pilot study measuring the effects of New Love on listener's brain wave frequencies

* pilot study results inspired the formation of the Scientific Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation

* began speaking about how music, sound and vibrations impact us

* moved through many fears and started listening to music flowing through me 

* John, a spiritual visionary, shared ancient healing chants with me and I heard music - it literally played me from the inside - we went into the studio to simply get the music out of me - The Magic Mirror - Inspired Reflections was born

* a radio show opportunity manifested, "Awaken to Yourself" ~  was fun while it lasted

* the Scientific Arts Foundation completed a pilot study exploring the impact of The Magic Mirror-Inspired Reflections CD on 5 women undergoing treatment for cancer

* Results from the QEEG pilot study indicated The Magic Mirror had a direct positive impact on EVERY neurological processing problem in EVERY participant...it actually INCREASED neurological functioning in 10 days

* the Scientific Arts Foundation designed a larger clinical study exploring the impact of The Magic Mirror on stress factors in 120 adults undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. For more information, please visit:  http://www.scientificartsfoundation.org

* I dreamed of gifting The Magic Mirror CD to newly diagnosed cancer patients around the world to help reduce the impact of chemobrain

* my original music continued to flow through and more recordings followed

* in December, 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer which created the opportunity for me to truly receive the gift of my music for myself - kept a journal knowing I was on a conscious journey to remembering love

* in December 2012 I was diagnosed again with breast cancer, underwent more surgeries and completed my book, "Loving Life...all of it - A Walk with Cancer Compassion and Consciousness."

* my purpose-filled and magical life with my husband John continues to inspire everything I create as a result of our spiritual journey with The ORIGINS Methodology of Self-Discovery ...his gift to manifest and share with the world. Click here to read more about John's background

* in January 2019 the proof-of-principle QEEG and saliva sample pilot studies with "The Magic Mirror" were published

*  my passion for empowering others with a deeper understanding of resonance and self-care inspired "Conscious Self-Care" presentations and seminars

* as a pioneer in the field of harp therapy, I've been contributing articles, research, and doing presentations for over 15 years - in 2019 I went through the NSBTM certified Harp for Healing accreditation program and am now a Certified Clinical Musician 

* a new feasibility clinical trial was approved in December 2019 through Washington University School of Medicine using The Magic Mirror music with newly diagnosed cancer patients. This study would have been conducted at Siteman Cancer Center. Funding was not secured and the study was closed October 15, 2021.

* my heart overflows with gratitude for the thousands of people who have embraced my music as part of their lives - their unsolicited testimonials touch my soul 

* During the summer of 2022, I received my certification in Intercultural Creativity® and am currently completing training to become a Master Teacher/Trainer.

So there you have it...a brief synopsis of how my life has divinely come to this point in time.  

Loving life...all of it,


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Amy Camie, CCM (she/her)
Certified Clinical Musician
The Healing Harpist

Amy Camie, recognized as “The Healing Harpist,” is a Certified Clinical Musician, speaker, author, and 2-time breast cancer thriver who loves empowering others with unique perspectives on how music, resonance, and honest self-exploration create bridges of compassion within ourselves and empathy with others.

As a pioneer in the field of harp therapy, Amy has co-authored two clinical trials and several pilot studies demonstrating the effects of her music on brain waves, immune system function, and anxiety levels.

Certified in Intercultural Creativity®, Amy recognizes the potential opportunity for learning in every experience. She encourages audiences to open their mind, expand perceptions, observe beyond the current happenings, and discover deeper connections within themselves, creating more clarity, peace and harmony within and around them.

Amy's original music is used in hospitals, cancer centers and hospices as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction. Her inspired music relaxes the body, calms the mind, and gently soothes the soul. As one woman said, "You touch others in such a deep place with your music because it comes from such a deep place inside of you."  Listen now: www.HealingHarpMusic.com