My Journey with Cancer


Cancer Care Package
Do you have a friend or loved one recently diagnosed with cancer? 
Would you like to create a Cancer Care Package for them? 
Here are some ideas... 



Loving Life...all of it"
A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness



"I Am..."  
Inspirational Videos

A series of untouched photos, taken by Julie Enstall after
my 2nd chemotherapy treatment, capture the essence of who I AM. 



My Journey to Love
My Personal Journal updates
sent to family and friends



My Dream
Gifting "The Magic Mirror" CD to cancer patients




My Cancer Resources 

A list of my medical team and all those who have supported my
physical, spiritual, mental and creative expressions on my journey


Resource Videos




Featured Blog  - Oct. 23, 2015



Featured Blog - Oct. 18, 2015




Special Feature in Gazelle Magazine - Oct. / Nov. 2015 Issue