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My Journey with Cancer


Loving Life...all of it"
A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness





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"Loving Life...All of It"




"I Am..."  
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A series of untouched photos, taken by Julie Enstall after
my 2nd chemotherapy treatment, capture the essence of who I AM. 



My Journey to Love
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Do you have a friend or loved one recently diagnosed with cancer? 
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A Walk with Cancer, Compassion,
and Consciousness
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A conversation with Chris Collins
about my journey with breast cancer and 
the Life Lessons that still guide me today


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Blogs & Articles

Finally, I have several blogs and articles specifically about my cancer journeys that can be republished & shared if you're interested:

I Survived Cancer and Here's How I Did It

The Femininity Factor

Conscious Self-Care - Part 1 - Life Lesson 3:  "It's important to take time for myself"

Conscious Self-Care - Part 2 - Life Lesson 9:  "When I'm caught in doing, I'm resisting being"

Conscious Self-Care - Part 3 - Life Lesson 10: "Listen, trust, and choose, that which is most loving and supportive to me"

Conscious Self-Care - Part 4 - Life Lesson 7: "Change is constant, so dance within the moment"

Conscious Self-Care - Part 5 - The Rainbow Pyramid - "If it triggers you, it's in you"

Conscious Self-Care - Part 6 - Life Lesson 2: "I have the choice to choose how to live my life"

Loving Life...All of it - Life Lessons from a Journey to Love Through Breast Cancer