The Magic Mirror
Inspired Reflections CD



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The Magic Mirror CD
relaxes the body,
reduces anxiety,
and supports brainwave
and immune system function.


Plus...there's supportive research


QEEG Brainwave Pilot Study Results 



Saliva Sample Immune System Pilot Study
Effect of Music on Psychoneuroimmunological Responses




Pediatric Pilot Study 



how this music touches lives




The research with "The Magic Mirror" was designed over 10 years ago - it was a bit ahead of it's time! Now, it's time to share the whole story - here's the Scientific Arts Foundation's Science Cafe Full Presentation where each presenter shared their pilot study findings. There are shortcuts to the immune system and brainwave results in the video description. 

Full Presentation of Pilot Study Findings

The First Melody from "The Magic Mirror" CD

"Music To Reduce Stress"

"Music To Relieve Pain"

"Music For Mental Health"

"Music To Help You Sleep"

"Music For Inner Peace"



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