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I love sharing inspired music that soothes the soul so people in
emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pain or distress
can remember the wholeness, harmony, compassion and love within them.

Enjoy exploring the CDs, Sheet Music, Testimonials & Research below: 



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Discover how you can support
our clinical trial approved through
Washington University School of Medicine.

This research will be implemented at
Siteman Cancer Center 
once funded.




Published Research




Summary of several

 Pilot Study Research Projects





Pediatric Study to explore "The Magic Mirror"
as a cost-effective biofeedback/neurofeedback tool
to relieve stress, build intergenerational resilience,
and teach self-regulation





Sheet Music 
There are many solo harp pieces
and several chamber ensemble arrangements
available on SheetMusicPlus including





Sharing Music




a sampling of how this music touches lives

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