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Sharing Music


All options below are offered for live gatherings and virtually through Zoom. Contact me for pricing.


Special Events

If you are planning a special event or gathering and are looking to create a elegant, sophisticated and loving atmosphere, I would be honored to share my gift of music with you and your guests. 




Celebrations of Life

The death of someone we love is one of the most stressful times in our lives.  When playing harp for visitations, funeral services and/or annual memorial services, my heart opens and the music begins to flow…it’s my unique way of expressing feelings of comfort and love through music.  A peaceful atmosphere is created giving family members and friends the time and space to reflect and celebrate their loved one’s life. 





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A Soul's Journey
with lyrical verbal imagery and live healing harp music...reconnecting us to the love with. 

My husband, John and I co-create a special evening experience called, "A Soul's Journey." I bring a harp, he brings his gift of spiritual connection and together we travel the Universe.  
1. Contact us to confirm a time and date
2. Gather a group of friends who want to experience a magical evening of inspired lyrical verbal imagery and live healing harp music that will take them on an inner journey beyond time and space.
This special evening includes an initial discussion and short meditation followed by "A Soul's Journey" experience. Please allow 2 hours of time. It is suggested that light snacks and beverages be provided afterwards.

What people are saying...

"Thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us."

"It was a WONDERFUL evening."

"I went home in such a relaxed state."

"I am so glad I came tonight.  That was an awesome experience. Relaxing and healing."

"I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to come.  This evening meant so much and was just what I needed."

"It affected me personally on so many levels!!!"

"I felt as if I was on the receiving end of being massaged by the melodies and experienced my own personal healing."

Said by a woman with tearful eyes and trembling voice came this simple phrase...."thank you."