Public Events
Gatherings to awaken self-compassion and inner peace
Welcome to new
Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm
You're welcome to join us once, a few times, or every week. 
You're welcome to come alone, bring your spouse, or bring a friend.
Each gathering is intended to support you on your journey inward.
Curious about how
your energy affects others
and how their energy affects you?
Our next "Conscious Self-Care" gathering is
Sunday, March 31st from 2-4pm  
In this monthly gathering we explore energy,
sympathetic resonance, and entrainment
and how these concepts influence our thoughts,
feelings, and relationships with others.

Compassion and self-love awaken as we discover
empowering ways to make conscious choices
that support us throughout our day.

Please bring a notebook or journal.

We gather at the Camie “Home of Peace”

Suggested donation $20
You choose what you can give.

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~ Space is limited ~




Looking for deeper connections?


Our next "Circle of Self-Awareness" gathering is
Sunday, April 7th from 2-4pm


Circles of Self-Awareness are gatherings that create community and offer the opportunity to see our reflection in others as we remember the wholeness of who we are - for compassion grows from within as we lovingly embrace all aspects of ourselves.

Circles of Self-Awareness begin with an initial meditation that opens an inner pathway of connection that is unique to each person. The insights that come to awareness become the reference points for each individual throughout the remaining experience.

As we share our personal insights, common patterns and feelings emerge and we begin to see our reflection in others.

Hearts open as the conversation deepens with the selection of LOTUS Mandalas, inspired symbolic messages from The Origin Methodology of Self-Discovery.

Circles of Self-Awareness expand within each individual as these symbolic messages reflect the commonness of our human experience; reminding us we are all connected and never alone.

Please bring a notebook or journal.

We gather at the Camie “Home of Peace”

Suggested donation $20
You choose what you can give.
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~ Space is limited ~



Curious about doTERRA
products and essential oils?

Our next "Tune In To Yourself" gathering is
Wednesday, April 3rd from 7-8pm


Join me for a casual evening exploring the many ways
doTERRA products and essential oils
support our body, mind, and spirit
as we make conscious self-care choices
for ourselves and our family.

We gather one Wednesday every the month
from 7-8pm at the Camie “Home of Peace”

This gathering is FREE - you're welcome to bring a friend

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~ Space is limited ~


Celebrate the Changing Seasons

Saturday, March 23th from 7-8pm
As the seasons change, we feel an energy of
renewal and rebirth awakening within us.

Join us as we celebrate the joyful awakening of Spring
and those seeds we desire to plant,
nurture, grow, and share during this coming year. 
Saturday, March 23
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Love Donation

Eliot Unitarian Chapel
100 S. Taylor, Kirkwood, MO 63122
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