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We are grateful for the time, energy, and dedication from all the authors to complete this article. 
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The paper, “Effect of Specific Music on Psychoneuroimmunological Responses” provides evidence that merit further investigation into the full understanding and therapeutic potential of “The Magic Mirror” music. Data from qEEG and immune system biomarkers research suggest this music not only has a benefit on the human brain but also influences the immune response.

We feel our research provides insight for the scientific community and the journal in which it is published should not diminish that contribution. Our article was reviewed and returned with comments to address. We made changes and resubmitted our article before it was accepted. We are grateful for the process.

To support the high ethical and quality of standards in scientific publishing, on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 the authors sent a request to self-retract our article from the International Journal of Oncology Research, published by ClinMed International Library, citing misrepresentation of the journal’s indexing partner listings and violation of CORE Publishing Practices. Although we understand the journal cannot comply with our request, we felt it was important to express our concern.

We unknowingly submitted our article to a potential predatory scholarly open-access journal, which seems to be an increasing problem within the scientific publishing community.  

In an effort to educate new researchers and critical consumers, we have chosen to be transparent about our experience. Below are links with more information.

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