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Paula Clark
in her own words


My mother (Pat Clark-pictured on the far left) was accepting her death from cancer when I arrived home from England. It was the most wonderful time I have ever spent with her. I remember back in 1990 lying in bed with her and listening to the most beautiful music ever. She told me that it was Amy Camie.   I laid there and listened with her and understood the effect it had on her. Amy’s music soothed her soul, mind, spirit and pain. Amy gave her that. Thank you Amy! 

I never thought I would hear that music again, until I reunited with my father. He played a CD for me and I recognized it immediately. Through the years I have welcomed Amy’s music into my life. 

I have been through two open heart surgeries and three brain surgeries and a serious car accident and five heart attacks just last year. My pain is incredible to say the least. Amy gave me her music and her love. She has helped me so much through not only the music but her faithfulness as a true friend. 
Thankfully Amy saw this when I spoke to her about her music. I am so grateful that she went above and beyond the focus of just cancer patients. She sent me her CD’s to listen to. I now listen to them everyday. The most effective CDs for me is “New Love” and “Magic Mirror.” I am able to slow my heart rate down, and then become calm. The vibrations of the harp music are intense to me. They flow into my inner core and I can FEEL it all. That is how I am able to concentrate on the music and not my pain. 
The most incredible thing is, is that I am able to control my heart rate and my pain through her music and not through drugs. Amy’s music has given me life. She and I talk through e-mail, though not often enough. I am able to call her, and her words to me over the phone are just as inspirational to me as her music. Amy truly believes in what she does.
What Amy has done for me and so many of my friends that I have shared her music with is incredible. Her heart is huge. I just thank her for what she gives me. 

Paula Clark