The ORIGIN Methodology
A Journey of Self-Discovery


This is a sacred journey of self-discovery
that helps you clear old patterns,
clarify communication within yourself,
and deepen your connections to
your purpose and unique self-expression. 

We welcome the opportunity to share this
empowering and insightful experience with you.
We invite you to experience the insights and messages from The LOTUS Mandalas through:
1. Personal Reflections with John and Amy
60-90 mins. - cost $75 

During your Time of Personal Reflection, we'll assist you in awakening your own inner connection and use of The LOTUS Mandalas to reflect balanced insights into your current situation. You'll gain a deeper awareness into how your emotions, thoughts, memories, and choice of action are influencing your present situation.  It's great for couples! Schedule together and split the cost. 
Skype Reflections can be scheduled once you have a personal deck of mandalas. 
Contact Amy to purchase a deck ($45 plus shipping).
An invoice will be mailed directly to you via Paypal.  
"Personal Reflection" payments can be made through PayPal: 
2. A Friendship Link is a group experience using The LOTUS Mandalas (4-9 people)
As each person selects one mandala from the "Lotus Pool," an inspired path of clarity, direction and reflection is revealed for each individual and the group as a whole.
A Friendship Link is for 4-9 people and takes approximately 2 hours.
At this time we're asking a Love Donation of $10-$20 per person for this experience.
Donations can be make through PayPal: 
Packaged LOTUS Mandala sets will be available to purchase afterwards for $45.
Insight from Participants: The learning, self-exploration, reflections and collective connection inspired by the messages of the mandalas filled our hearts with hope, joy and a clearer path for self-discovery and inspired action. As we read the messages from the mandalas, the path became clearer for each of us individually and offered a clear reflection of the collective. Such beauty, such focus, such profound connections on so many levels. Thank you!!


How to Begin with The Lotus Mandalas

From the moment of our birth to the moment of our death
we travel a journey of self-discovery.

Every experience in life gradually creates a pattern
from which we manifest our beliefs and convictions.

These patterns, often unconscious or habitual, influence our choices.

Seldom do we look into the mirror of self-reflection
to determine the heart and soul of our inner truth.

The archetypical symbols and messages of The LOTUS Mandalas
offer you the opportunity to go deep within yourself
and discovery for yourself, your truths, your gifts,
and your love that defines the purpose of your life. 

In the Light of Universal Love,
John Camie - Messenger
Testimonials after experiencing one
"Personal Reflection" time with John & Amy Camie:
The mandalas are unlike any other spiritual deck I have ever seen. The powerful process you have created to accompany the use of the mandalas was brilliant.
I can think of no better way to enter 2017 than sitting down with John and Amy and doing the Lotus Mandala! Give yourself this gift - you will be astounded at what you learn about yourself - your values, your hidden struggles, as well as those personal successes you might be denying yourself. I am constantly amazed at the layers of self knowledge that unfold when I spend an evening sitting with John and Amy. ~ Leslie
They are sacred, powerful oracles to self awareness and discovery. ~Anahata
It was spot on. I felt it brought out what was going on with me. ~Sandy
It was mind-expanding! I felt like it connected me to myself with clarity and understanding. I didn't realize how much negativity I was holding onto through my memories! Things I thought I had moved past, I hadn't. I was encouraged to integrate these negative memories. To sit with them, accept them, let them be part of me. That was a profound shift in perspective. The reading helped me make the connections I needed to make to dig through some muck to get more clarity. It gave me things to work on and through and to sit with so that I could integrate those things into my being and then move towards more light! ~Maggie
I had a very powerful experience with The Lotus Mandalas ~Amelia
You have absolutely no idea what is in store for you, but trust me, the Lotus mandalas will give you a leap into self-awareness that is both enlightening and heartening! ~Leslie
Very high vibration. I think the information seemed to make sense to me as I integrated the work. ~Kathy
I felt it was a very positive experience. So spot on with each Mandala and message. Interestingly, the continued value and reflection on the Mandala's since the first day has shown even more depth and width in the experience. ~Julie
Incredible! Fascinating process and amazed at the depth it took me.
I felt it was very helpful. The Mandalas were very informative and had in-depth answers
I feel that the LOTUS Mandalas reflect the wisdom within me that needs to be heard in that moment. ~Kathy
It was beautiful and awakening. Everything flowed together so beautifully that each area came together to form one clear message.
An amazing experience - it is profound! I have been journaling ever since I got home.
The LOTUS Mandalas, unlike any other methodology I've experienced, awaken a light within turning you into a flashlight, shedding light on all that you see. It is not helpful to be a bright light shining directly into someone's eyes- that feels forceful and blinding. It is also not helpful to be a lighthouse, for others to follow- for when they cannot see you, they feel lost. Helpful more is in handing someone a flashlight to use to see what they'd like, helpful most is to become the flashlight for you cannot lose your tool. ~Sara
The experience gave me insight to my feelings that I had difficulty letting out. It was very insightful
The lotus mandalas reminded me of several aspects of my journey, and pointed out to me where I have lingering self-doubt. I felt encouraged and uplifted by the message I received and was also guided to look at some things more deeply and from a different perspective. ~Rachel
Feelings I had from an experience as a child moved from fear and fearful hope to trust and release. Learning that I have been holding grief in my body for a very long time is invaluable, and I am more trusting of my body's wisdom so I can release that energy. I feel much more grounded and clear and clean. I appreciate the experience and expertise that you both offer in a session. Diving into the darkness of the past can be threatening and scary, but that feeling passed quickly with my "escorts". I also felt incredibly supported in my own intuitiveness. I have already told several people about this process... ~Bridgette



 DISCLAIMER: John and Amy Camie are not licensed in any field including psychology, therapy or ministry. All of the information shared on this web site is from over 25 years of personal guidance, meditation and experience.