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This web site is full of resources to help you "Awaken to Yourself" through music, videos, journals, photos, insights and spiritual connection.

Enjoy exploring and experiencing the beauty, joy and
love awakening within yourself. 


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I would also like to introduce you to my husband, best friend and soul mate, John Camie, who is the inspiration, motivation and producer of all my original music. His spiritual vision and connection to the insights and memories of our past creates the sacred space of connection in which he and I co-create this music. It is because of his personal experience with these vibrations, that I am able to share them with you.  And it is The ORIGINS Process, which is his "soul gift," that helps me journey inside and connect to mine.  Everyday on my Facebook page, I post a Daily Star Gem Message that was selected during a celebration in January.  These daily messages help me stay focused within myself.  Even if you are not on Facebook, you can still access my Harpist Page to  enjoy them.

I truly believe that each of us carries a "soul gift" to share with others. I hope you enjoy some of ours.

Loving Life... all of it,


** To introduce you to my music, here are
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FREE DOWNLOAD of "Morning Star"
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PLUS....I'm so grateful to be a member of TheWellnessUniverse.com
Here are some of my contributions to this fabulous
community of resourses for well-being




Enjoy some short 'doodle' videos
at #AmyCamieVideos on Facebook




and finally...

I'm having so much fun as my team with
Nerium Int'l is growing!!

I'd love to share these all-natural products and/or
business opportunity with anyone interested.