I Will Always Be With You

Inspired by my children and written for the child in all of us after
September 11, 2001, this gentle lullaby reminds us that we are never alone.
Perfect to share with anyone who feels separated from someone they love.

After September 11, 2001, my heart ached for all those children who lost their parents...and for all those parents who lost their children. As a mother, that is one of my greatest fears-to think my children will be without me. As a professional harpist, I use music to express my feelings, so one October evening I was playing a new melody on the harp. Our two sons named the melody, I Will Always Be With You then went to bed. My heart opened and the words came. In 15 minutes the song was complete. It was so simple...yet it said everything.

With two of my dear friends, Bridgette Kossor (vocals) and Michelle Fiorino (violinist), we recorded the song as a single CD with 3 tracks:

Track 1 is a vocal version with harp & violin accompaniment
Track 2 is an instrumental version with harp & violin
Track 3 is a solo harp version

Here are some of the lyrics to give you an idea of the message:

When you're sleeping
When you're dreaming
I will always be with you

When the wind blows
When the snow falls
I will always be with you

When the sun comes up each morning
When the stars come out at night
When you look up at a rainbow
I'll be there...

All the memories that we share
Can be found within your heart
So no matter where we are
We are never apart...

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Each CD is packaged in a white fiberboard sleeve with a circular opening in the front and a solid white back panel for your marketing or information label.  suggested label size: Avery 5164 - 3 1/3 X 4 inches  (Labels are not included)


Please consider sharing this simple gift of love with children hospitalized or going through medical treatment, military families separated from their loved ones, parents of newborn babies, patients and family member experiencing grief, or anyone you feel who would benefit from feeling connected with others. 

$5.50 each with a 10 CD minimum
(shipping is included in price)



The "I Will Always Be With You" book/cd set
is also available for purchase.

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We Love It !! Really helps our patients relax.
Reviewer: Morning Light Physical Therapy
Amy, I live in Taos, NM, doing women's health physical therapy. I use your CD's a lot for my massage and relaxation, Thanks so much! Kathy

Musically beautiful and lyrically heart touching in all three versions
Reviewer: Robin Price
This CD can touch the heart of anyone who has lost a loved one under so many circumstances, from the tragic loss to the loss of an aged, sick parent. The thought that the lyrics convey is so reassuring. The music is so soothing and beautiful. What a wonderful blessing and ministry to those who grieve.

Touches that deep place within
Reviewer: excerpt from book review
Listening to this Cd is hautingly beautiful, soothing, and meditative. Amy, a professional harpist, has a unique gift in the way her music touches that deep place within each listener. Now accompanying her music is her fully illustrated book of the same title,"I Will Always Be With You." Although children will love the words, music and illustrations, this is a book for all ages. It makes a beautiful gift for that someone special, young and in-between. The words and music combined bring a special quality of deep peace and a feeling that out there somewhere, somebody will always love you.

A Gift from God
Reviewer: a letter Amy received
I have listened to your song over and over. Each time a tear comes to my eye even tho I already know the words and what is being said. This was a gift from God to you. The words touch the inner being of all who listen to it. It absolutely has the ability to heal and express a love that is pure and sincere. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Reviewer: Peggy Vasquez
What a beautiful melody and lyrics! I was amazed when I received the CD in the beautifully illustrated book. I was also moved by the inspiration behind the writing, "written as a lullaby for the child in all of us after September 11, 2001."

Very precious
Reviewer: Janet Glazebrook
The song on this cd has helped me through a family death and I sent one of the cds I bought to a family who has two small children whose dad just died from cancer at 30 yrs old. This cd is a gift from god...and very, very moving.