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 John Camie
A Life Overview

For the last 25 years I have been on an epistemological quest to resolve my purpose in life.

In the summer of 1985, I began to experience a series of dream-like travels that opened a new reality or awareness as to my spiritual world. While ignoring the significance of these experiences I had the privilege of encountering many spiritual leaders and practitioners, Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, Toltec Shamans, Hopi Medicine Man-Emery Holmes, Antonio de Nicolas, as well as many new age authors and speakers. Through their encouragement, I continued my path to bring forth these sacred messages given to me to discover the soul-self that is hidden or repressed in our hearts. This sacred system is called The ORIGINS Process and its purpose is to:
  • Help us balance our inner and outer worlds
  • Bring together sacred geometry, psychology, philosophy, biology, astronomy, astrology, numerology, neurology, metaphysics, quantum physics…science and belief
  • Offer us, in manifested form, a reflection of our physical/emotional, spiritual, mental and creative energies within
  • Bring to conscious awareness our subconscious beliefs that keep us trapped in repetitive patterns of behavior using ancient symbols, elemental colors and tones
  • Help us reconnect to and balance the elements of earth, water, fire and air within us
  • Reflect back to us our deepest beliefs, which help us alter our perceptions to then choose to live from a place of loving compassion as we define and manifest our purpose for being
  • Harmonize the 8 vibrational fields of energy within and around us through a fractal matrix of sacred designs that unify these fields into one central portal of light
  • Open a vibrational highway for communication with the Universal Consciousness and Collective Subconscious energies through sacred ceremonies and celebrations
  • Reveal the Universal and Planetary energetic influences that affect our consciousness during New Moon, Full Moon, Solstices and Equinoxes
  • Reveal to us the connection and flow of Stellar (star) and Solar (sun) energy fields and how we fit into this cycle
  • Awaken the cellular memory stored in our DNA to aid us in our current transition of consciousness as we enter the next great 26,000 year cycle
  • Be shared with you TODAY as a result of my 25 year Guided Journeys into another dimension where I was shown tremendous places of experiential learning and was firmly told to “Remember this…Re-member this!!” after witnessing the “Ceremony of Light.” This sacred ceremony manifested white light from the unification of specific symbols, colors, tones and frequencies coming from thousands of individual participants as a celebration of their unified sense of consciousness into the Universal Field.
The ORIGINS Process, is being shared with us now as a systematic way to help us individually and collectively choose our own destiny during this transition of consciousness.
This beautiful process reflects our inner journey and brings to conscious awareness hidden beliefs and perceptions that hold us in repetitive patterns of behavior; keep us from reaching our full potential and limiting our sense of joy and freedom.
The ORIGINS Process involves multiple levels of training and  includes many loving ceremonies and joyful celebrations that bring people together to harmonize with the universal energies that flow through our collective consciousness: starlight, sunlight, moonlight and our planetary systems. For these ceremonies, the Universal Stars of Light are used to reflect and receive the collective universal energies impacting all of us on both a conscious and subconscious level. 
To express and share my unique gifts of creativity, bringing into manifested form my love and gratitude for this life experience, through lyrical DVDs, musical CDs, theatrical productions, collective group experiences and product development and training of The ORIGINS Process.
CURRENT: President of Blue Star Productions, Inc.
Blue Star Productions, Inc. develops products and services that support an individual's personal growth toward wholeness and self-realization and offers presentations, workshops and training for individuals seeking harmony, balance and unification within themselves.
·     15 years experience in working with large volunteer groups, sponsors and officials in planning and producing special events for major sponsors for fairs and festivals
25 years of motion picture, television, commercial, political, educational, video production and distribution experience. Started with Charles Guggenheim Productions. Worked on Monument to a Dream, John Kennedy Alliance for progress, Robert Kennedy Campaign for President, and other award winning documentaries.
Line producer for television programming which include Weddings of a LifetimeShowtime sporting events for Jay Larkin, World Martial Arts Challenge for Pay Per View
Production supervisor for Later Today News Program at the Disney-MGM Studio
Co-producer for 2 game shows: Trip of a Lifetime and The Dragon’s Riddle – worked with Scott Sternberg on development and production of game shows
Successful in managing and producing 36 award winning films and supervising a budget of over $1,000,000 for Maritz Corporation Educational Division-Communico
Experience in all aspects of media production and distribution including satellite up-link and down-link distribution
Extensive experience interacting with all aspects of media production including: budgeting, set design, scripting, lighting, music, filming, videotaping, editing; directorial experience working with talent, actors, technicians and sponsors
Instrumental in creating major programming for television documentaries, political programming, feature films and television specials for ABC and CBS, cable and domestic distribution
Specialized experience in political, commercial productions, time placement, mixed media buys, and satellite distribution and syndication
·     Line producer for many television specials, sporting events and entertainment programs
Responsible for production of over 500 films, commercials and television programs
Instrumental in coordinating charitable event projects for the VP Fair in St. Louis, the St.
Louis County Parks Department and the Variety Club International
Developed an educational constitution program for state fairs and festivals
Established marketing programs and business plans for educational documentaries and television specials
1990 to PRESENT
·     Created and produced numerous fairs and festivals including:
VP Fair, St. Louis, Missouri
Fireworks on the Mississippi, Alton, Illinois
Mini-Grand Prix for the Arthritis Foundation
The Missourian Awards for the Missouri Heart Association
Pathways to Success Literacy Fair, St. Louis, Missouri
Sleeping Indian Festival, Buena Vista, Colorado
Harmony in the Heartland – Domestic Violence Awareness Festival in Wichita, Kansas
Responsible for the design, construction and lighting of a major set on the Disney-MGM Sound Stage #3 for the television newscast, Later Today
Line producer for Weddings of a Lifetime – responsible for crewing, budgeting and implementing all production activities for Wendy Jayne Productions in New York and Lifetime Television
Line producer for Showtime Television – responsible for handling production for major sporting events in Las Vegas, Nevada for Jay Larkin
Line producer for World Martial Arts Challenge at the Thomas and Mack Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for PerView – responsible for all production and satellite distribution
Line producer for High Rollers Bowling Championship at the Showboat Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada – responsible for all production and distribution
Co-producer for the game show, Trip of a Lifetime for CynCam Productions in associations with Burris Productions in Los Angeles, California
Directed and co-produced THE BEGINNING – a fund raising documentary for Variety Club International
Produced and directed numerous other small commercial, documentary and media consulting projects
1980 – 1990
President of West End Productions, a film and video production company in St. Louis, Missouri
·    Over 8 major festival events including the VP Fair, four County Park Summer Festivals, and the St. Joseph Hospital County Fair
The media plan for KICK, designed to promote kick boxing in America – worked with Chuck Norris in developing original media presentation for syndication of 26 one hour television specials
A series of 20 minute educational video programs for the St. Louis County Parks and two special 30 minute documentaries for the VP Fair Foundation
Developed and produced a game show for children, The Dragon’s Riddle with ABC Development in Los Angeles, California
Television and radio commercials for local political clients
Television and radio commercials for Congressman Jack Buechner
Series of training programs for ITT and Data General of Boston, Computer Division
Series of training programs for Con-Agra
3 local documentaries: 1904 World’s Fair, Search for a Usable Future for PBS, and St. Louis, A Great Place to Live
·     Rankin Institute documentary film
Quest National Foundation video program against drug and alcohol abuse
Over 50 commercials for local retailers, political candidates and national agencies
Six training programs for computer sales for ITT and 12 training programs for Data General
15 minute presentation for VP Fair that secured network production of ABC’s 1987 VP Fair Television Special
Program for Life Crisis Agency on teenage suicide
·     With political consulting organization Public Response in establishing a satellite network for political candidates with U.S. television division of Hubbard Communications
With National Thanksgiving Day Foundation setting up a television special for national syndication
In developing news hook-ups and promotional opportunities for Hands Across America
With Dragon Productions creating a marketing plan for martial arts programming in conjunction with Inside Sports and Request TV
With Ameris in developing a series of educational programs with the American Bar Association on the U.S. Constitution
·     Developed concept for MTV
Associate to the Producer for 20th Century Fox in Hollywood
Developed late night music programming for ABC – In Concert Series
Developed a series of educational films for the Danforth Foundation, Kettering Foundation and Mott Foundation
Produced series of award winning documentary films for community colleges’ vocational training programs
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri Bachelor of Arts in English and Drama plus two years on Master of Arts in English and Drama
Arizona University, Tucson, Arizona
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri – two years on a 4 year football scholarship
Professional Memberships: Directors Writers Guild, American Film Institute, Life Crisis
Interests:   Music, Literature and Conversation
Personal:   Born 6/10/40, Married with four children
References: Available upon request

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John Camieis currently President of Blue Star Productions.  His visionary gifts have earned him numerous awards in both the public and private sectors as a creative producer and director of films. In 1985, he experienced a series of dream-like travels that opened to him a new reality and awareness of the spiritual world.  He tried to ignore this Calling but was encouraged by spiritual leaders, practitioners and authors, to continue his sacred journey. During “The Ceremony of Light” he was told to “Remember…Remember this!” which began a 25 year journey to manifest a sacred system is called ORIGINS which helps center the collective consciousness in order to more joyfully enter our transcendence into the Age of Aquarius.