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Feature in Gazelle Magazine - Oct./Nov. issue



Article in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of BellaSpark Magazine
Pickin' Up Good Vibrations


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Harpist Amy Camie's instrument wields healing power, - The Telegraph - Nov. 21, 2019
Good vibrations: Harpist Amy Camie’s music has healing power- 

Gazelle STL / Gazelle West feature article in their Oct/Nov 2015 issue    

Advantage News "Walking Tall"  October 2015 event

DailyOM excerpt of "Loving Life...all of it - A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness"

Blog by Chris King - Nexus of Cancer, Creativity and Healing


DailyOM review of "The Magic Mirror"

Cancer Support Community's July/Aug/Sept issue: "MEET Amy Camie" pg 2

BellaSpark Magazine, page 20 - "Pickin' Up Good Vibrations":  

DailyOM Review of "A Space Within"


RadioIndy Review of "In the Light of Love" 

The DailyOM Review of "In the Light of Love"

NPR "Hey Ladies" Project-My Interview Questions


Contributing Author in The Spiritual Significance of Music - Book 3
Scroll down the page and you'll see the book

"Belle with Balls: Amy Camie" my interview with Tuck Self 

"Vibrational Awareness"  in every day life...check out my conversation with Ellen Kennon in her Newsletter



Media Interviews about “Vibrational Awareness”, Musical CDs, & Scientific Arts Foundation Projects


107.3 FM - Radio Arts Foundation, interview with Kathy Lawton Brown, July 2015

106.5-The ARCh - Talk of the Town with host, Shaun Anthony, December 2013

Y-98 FM. St. Louis, MO. Sunday Night Chill Out with Host, Tim Burt. January 2006; December 2006.

AM920-WGNU. St. Louis, MO.  Awaken to YourSelfTM.  60 min. Talk Radio Program March-August 2006.

AM550-KTRS. St. Louis, MO.  Host, George Noory. December 2002.

AM1570-WBGZ. Alton, IL.  Host, Bradford Long. February 2001; February 2003.



NBC Affiliate, KSDK Channel 5 News, St. Louis, MO. November 2006.

Featured Healthbeat Story:  Harp Music May Offer Health Benefits by Kay Quinn

ABC Affiliate, Fox 2 News, St. Louis, MO. December 2002; March 2003; June 2005.

CBS Affiliate, KMOV Channel 4 News, St. Louis, MO. December 2002; March 2003; December 2003.

Charter Communications 30 minute Cable Show, St. Louis, MO
Guidelines for Mental Health with Psychologist Ann Crowley
·   October 2005. Vibrational Awareness
·   January 2007. Awaken to YourSelf…through Harmony
·    February 2007. Awaken to YourSelf…through Expression
·    March 2007. Awaken to YourSelf…through Balance
July 2009 - Awaken to Yourself...through Creative Expression
*   October 2009 - Awaken to Yourself...through the Elements


Print: (I honestly stopped keeping track :-) 

Pathways Community Hospice Newsletter, August 2013
Spotlighting Amy Camie - A Shining Light

Missouri Life, February 2013
Inspiring People - Healing Harp

The Telegraph, November 20, 2011
Amy Camie's harp makes magic

Vox Magazine, November 4, 2010
Amy Camie heals with her harp

The St. Louis Business Journal, May 16-22, 2008.
St. John's, St. Anthony's Add Holistic Healing Touch

The Healthy Planet, St. Louis, MO.  January 2007.

Sound Advice: The Secret To The Secret by Chriss Ann Bowman

The Boston Globe, Boston, MA. December 2006.

 A Harpist’s Practice in Sound Therapy by Peter Schworm.

St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis, MO. November 2006.

Healthbeat: Soothing Harp Music May Provide Therapeutic Benefits by Kay Quinn

The Alton Telegraph,  Alton, IL. April 2006.

Healing Harpist Takes It To The Airwaves by Jill Moon

Energy Times, Reno, NV. November/December 2005

Good Vibrations: Music Therapy Can Help the Body and Mind Sing a Healthy Tune by Karyn Maier

Spirit Seeker, St. Louis, MO. September 2005.

Book Review: I Will Always Be With You by Marti Soler

The Alton Telegraph, Alton, IL. April 2005.

Harpist’s Song Translates To Book by Dave Whaley

St. Louis Post Dispatch, St, Louis, MO. January 2005.

Music Hath Charms To Soothe the Pain of Cancer Treatment by Patricia Corrigan

The Alton Telegraph, Alton, IL. November 2004.

Local Harpist Expresses Emotions With New CD by Dave Whaley

All For You, Chicago, IL. March 2004.

Harp Therapy: An Ancient Instrument Comes of Age by Anita Quick

The Alton Telegraph, Alton, IL. November 2003.

Local Harpist Records Christmas CD by Dave Whaley

St. Louis Post Dispatch, St Charles County Post, St. Louis, MO. April 2002.

Creve Coeur Harpist Promotes the Healing Value of Music by Esther Talbot Fenning.

St. Louis Suburban Journals, West County Journal, St. Louis, MO. October 2002.

Musician Says Melodies Can Help Lesson Maladies by Kate Miller.

St. Louis Suburban Journals, Chesterfield Journal, St. Louis, MO. October 2002.

St. Louis Musician Believes Melodies Can Lesson Maladies by Kate Miller

The Alton Telegraph, Alton, IL. October 2002.

Harpist Hopes To Heal With Music by Dave Whaley

The Alton Telegraph, Alton, IL. October 2001.

Healing Harp: Daughter’s Music from the Heart May Help Others Through Times of Illness by Dave Whaley

West End-Clayton Word, St. Louis, MO. December 1999.

‘2000 Reasons to Celebrate’ Showcases Top St. Louis Women Musicians by Eileen Duggan

Internet Radio:

Ask Sara with Host Sara Wiseman, August 2013

The Empower Hour with Host, Susan Shanerman, July 2006.

Global Talk Radio with Host, Dan McFarland, June 2005
Inspire radio show for breast cancer survivors, January 2008

Internet Articles:

Contributing Author to: LOVE LIFE FORGIVE - Insights from Artists
Contributing Author to The Spiritual Significance of Music
Kappa Delta Newsletter-Fulfilling Her Destiny
Harp Therapy, An Ancient Instrument Comes of Age by Anita Quick
Don’t Stop Playing by Raphael Weisman

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