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The Scientific Arts Foundation supports research, education and community outreach programs
that advocate the value of creative expression as it improves, enhances and enriches quality of life.


The Scientific Arts Foundation was founded in 2002
as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization
and dissolved in October 2023. 
Amy Camie currently owns the research protocol
developed through The Scientific Arts Foundation
for those interested in further pursuing this line of research.


Research is to see what everybody has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.
William Bragg

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.
Carl Sagan

What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit.
John Updike

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.
John Ruskin

Inside you there's an artist you don't know about.
Auguste Rodin

The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it.
Carl Rogers


Take a moment to review our:

QEEG Pilot Study Results

An IRB approved, wholistic clinical research study was developed
through the foundation to expand on the pilot study results.  
This study is:

Medically approved by St. John's Mercy Medical Center's Institutional Review Board, St. Louis, Missouri (August 2007 approval);

Scientifically Based: with neurological, biological, psychological, environmental and quality of life measurements;

Wholistic: Questionnaires address the whole person - their belief system, perceived support systems, sleep patterns, musical preference and more - this study looks at the whole person as a human being, not a particular gender or cancer type and has a Protocol Design that can be duplicated with a variety of patient populations.

Contact Amy for more information

The Scientific Arts Foundation was founded by Amy Camie as a natural outgrowth of pilot study research being conducted with her harp music.  Amy recorded a solo harp CD for her father to use after prostate cancer surgery to help him relax. (New Love - awaken to yourself CD)  As she began sharing the CD with others, amazing stories followed as to how people were using the music. 

When William Collins, Ph.D heard these stories, he was intrigued and offered to conduct a pilot study to explore what was happening to the brainwaves of people as they listened to this music.  The results indicated a state of relaxation was achieved in only 4 minutes.  

They hypothesized that if the music could relax and calm the brain in 4 minutes, perhaps it could have a positive impact on the immune system by supporting its natural internal healing processes.

Amy, Dr. Collins, and helpful colleagues developed a larger scientific study for 90 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  After several attemps to work with local cancer centers, it became clear that an independent entity needed to be formed that could develop, fund and implement forward-thinking studies exploring the value of creative processes, not just music, but all forms of creative expression.

The Scientific Arts Foundation has authored a scientifically sound, mulitsite wholistic clinical study exploring the impact of two relaxation CDs on stress factors in adult cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  Contact Amy through this website for more information.


Current views in healthcare have recognized the association between the mind/body connection.  More recently, the spiritual component has been acknowledged with regards to how prayer and meditation may benefit the physical and psychological well-being of patients.  Now, there is a movement towards understanding how creative expression may play a role in a person's healing process and overall sense of well-being. 

The Scientific Arts Foundation is committed to developing studies which explore the benefits of creative expression both from the artist/creator's perspective and from the recipient/observer's perspective.

What is 'Creative Expression'?

Creative - 1. creating or able to create.  2. inventive  3.stimulating the inventive powers.

Create 1. to cause to come into existence; make; originate  2. to bring about; give rise to; cause

Expression 1. a putting into words; stating  2. a manner of expressing, esp. with eloquence  3. a particular word or phrase  4. a showing of feeling, character, etc.  5. a look, intonation, etc. that conveys meaning  6. a mathematical symbol or symbols

Expressionism - 1. a movement in art, literature, etc. seeking to give symbolic, objective expression to inner experience



The motivating philosophy of the Scientific Arts Foundation is that everyone has a gift to share with the world - something they love to do.  It may be expressed through music, dance, drawing, fine art, poetry, sewing, gardening, listening to others, teaching, etc.  The form does not matter; what is important is that it is recognized, expressed and shared - even if it's with one's self. 


Our  theory is if a person does not do the things they love to do and these gifts (which are actually vibrations held within our bodies) are not expressed, they become the seeds of anxiety, stress, worry, fear, agitation and ultimately dis-ease.  As we connect with that which we love, our physical bodies are energized, our emotional state is uplifted, our spiritual connection is strengthened, our mental capacities become clearer and our creative expression is released and shared.

In otherwords...we each have a unique self-expression that only we can share with the world.  If we choose not to find it, acknowledge it, embrace it, express it and share it, then the world will never have the opportunity to experience it.   As we begin to share what we love with others, we create the opportunity for others to open and connect to that space within themselves where their gift resides.  

As each expression is shared, the artist/creator becomes more balanced and the recipient (observer) of the expression also benefits.

And the circle continues...

Common Communication

As we embark into this new field of creative expression, well-being and quality of life, it is necessary to develop a common language for communication.

Creative Expression....our definition: that which comes into existence that shows feeling or character, conveys meaning and is an objective expression or representation of an inner experience.


In Joshua Leeds' book, The Power of Sound, he states:
"All material consists of atomic material; molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, and subatomic particles.  Each atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by electrons, revolving at the speed of six hundred miles per second.  It is an accepted construct of physics that motion creates frequency and frequency creates sound.  Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own." www.thepowerofsound.com

In Bruce Lipton's book, The Biology of Belief, he states:
"Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is like a wobbly spinning top that radiates energy.  Because each atom has its own specific energy signature (wobble), assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns.  So every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature."  www.brucelipton.com

In otherwords, everything in the universe is vibrating energy.


Taken a step further...every expression that is created has its own unique vibration or energy signature and can impact the artist/creator and the observer through the concepts of resonance, sympathetic vibration, forced resonance and entrainment.  The following definitions come from Joshua Leeds' book, The Power of Sound:

Resonant Frequency - the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates

Resonance - the impact of one vibration on another.  Something external sets something else into motion, or changes its vibratory rate.

Sympathetic Vibration - the natural ability of a substance to vibrate to a frequency imposed from another source with a similar frequency.

Forced Resonance - those substances that have ability to resonate at a variety of frequencies.

Entrainment - the rhythmic manifestation of resonance.  Entrainment is the mutual phase-locking of two oscillators.  In relationship to music and sound, entrainment can be defined as the process whereby an external, periodic rhythm speeds up or slows down our major body pulses.

Note:  There are at least three major body rhythms affected by entrainment:  brain waves, breathing and heart rate...these rhythms also entrain with each other.


Our Theory:  As a creation is expressed, whether it is in the form of music, painting, photography, dance, gardening, sewing, listening with an open heart, etc., it carries with it a unique vibration. 

When these creative vibrations originate inside or flow through the individual, they travel internal pathways that can affect the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and creative systems of the artist/creator.

As the creation is shared with others, the observer is able to 'sympathetically vibrate' and/or 'resonate' with the frequency of the creation thus affecting their physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and creative vibrational systems as well.

The other component often acknowledged in this process is intention.

Intention* - 1. a determination to act in a specified way.  2. anything intended; purpose

Intend* - 1. to plan; purpose  2. to mean (something) to be or be used (for)  3. to mean; signify

As Amy Camie, founder of the Scientific Arts Foundation, states:

"When I first began to express why I felt, New Love 'awaken to yourself', was inducing relaxation so quickly in the listener, I thought it was because my only intention was to help my father relax and heal after prostate cancer surgery. 

Ten years later, I now believe that it was not my intention but rather my unconditional love for my father that the listener is feeling and to which they are responding.  I now understand that 'intention' carries with it a desire to control an outcome rather than just surrendering to the expression and allowing the divine connection to flow through.

I believe that the energy of my open heart and unconditional love for my father, carried on the vibrations of the harp music, is what is transfering to the listener and impacting their systems in a beneficial way.  By sympathetically vibrating with this high vibration of love, the listener is reawakening that vibration of love within themselves.  THEY are doing the healing; the music is simply a catalyst or reminder. 

Creating or allowing the divine to flow through from this heart/soul space is what I believe is the 'healing' component of creative expression.  And the exciting thing is that EVERYONE can access and express from that space within themselves...we are born with it and it's time to remember."

Health* - 1. physical and mental well-being; freedom from disease.  2.  condition of body or mind

Our definition of Health - 1. physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, creative well-being; freedom from dis-ease.  2.  a condition of internal balance and vibrational harmony

The final idea or concept we would like to offer comes from the the book, Creativity, Unleashing the Forces Within, by OSHO, pages 76-77:

"Let me tell you about one law, which sooner or later science is going to discover.  I call it the law of grace.  Just as there is a law of gravitation...three hundred years ago it was not known.  It was functioning even before it was known; a law need not be known in order to function.  The law was always functioning; it has nothing to do with Newton and the apple falling from the tree.  Apples used to fall before Newton, too!  It is not that Newton discovered the law and then apples started falling.  The law was there, Newton discovered it.

Exactly like that, another law is there - the law of grace, which uplifts.  The law of gravitation pulls things downward; the law of grace lifts things upward.  In yoga they call it levitation.  In a certain state of abandon, in a certain state of drunkenness - drunk with the divine - in a certain state of surrender, egolessness, that law starts functioning.  One is uplifted. One becomes weightless...

And have you not felt it sometimes in your own life?  There are moments when you have a kind of weightlessness.  You walk on the earth but still your feet don't touch the earth, you are six inches above.  Moments of joy, moments of prayer, moments of meditation, moments of celebration, moments of love...and you are weightless, you are uplifted.

And I say that sooner or later science will have to discover it, because science believes in a certain principle: the principle of polar opposites.  No law can be alone, it must have its opposite.  Electricity cannot function with only one pole, positive or negative; both are needed.  They complement each other.

Science knows it, that each law has its opposite to complement it.  Gravitation must have a law opposite to it, to complement it.  That law, tentatively, I call grace - any other name may be possible in the future because scientists, if they discover it, will not call it grace.  But that seems to be the most perfect name for it."

One of our questions...

Does creative expression, as it flows through this heart/soul/egoless place from within, facilitate the experience of grace/harmony/balance/oneness/healing for the 'creator' and the 'observer'?

The Scientific Arts Foundation will continue to explore these types of questions to help further our understanding of creative expression as it improves, enhances and enriches the quality of our lives.

 * Definition from Webster's New World Dictionary.

Community Outreach

The Scientific Arts Foundation is committed to developing relationships with community organizations and individuals sharing workshops, presentations and educational seminars increasing the awareness as to the value of creative expression as it impacts our health and well-being. 

Vibrational Awareness and The Healing Power of Music
is offered by Amy Camie, Founder of the Scientific Arts Foundation, as part of the foundation's commitment to education and community outreach.

In this fun and interactive presentation, Amy uses the harp to demonstrate how music, sound and vibration impact our body, mind, emotions, relationships and creativity.  The audience always walks away with new insights, new tools and techniques, and new ways to make 'sound' choices everyday.


Help Soldiers Sleep was developed in 2008 as a Community Outreach Program to help our military soldiers with stress, anxiety and sleep issues. 

How this program began: On July 4, 2008, SSgt. Jessie, a Combat Stress Control specialist working in a clinic overseas, emailed and asked for help. She needed some way to help our soldiers de-stress, reduce anxiety and get to sleep.  She knew that the initial research with "The Magic Mirror" CD helped normalize brain function and induce relaxation. 

In response to SSgt. Jessie's request, the Scientific Arts Foundation Board of Directors voted to immediately implement a new Community Outreach Program called, "Help Soldiers Sleep."

The Scientific Arts Foundation mailed our inaugural care package of 50 "The Magic Mirror" CDs on Friday, July 11th for SSgt. Jessie to use with her troops immediately. Since then, several more CDs have been sent...but not nearly enough. 

On Thursday, September 9, 2010

A grant from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis helped to support the gift of 30 "Help Soldiers Sleep" CDs to "The Girlfriends Project" of  St. Louis Service Women's Post 404, an all women American Legion Post with women veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and the ongoing Global War on Terror.


Women veterans are the fasted growing segment of the veteran population second only to elderly veterans.  Approximately 1.7 million women veterans comprise 7 percent of the total veteran population.  Approximately 255,000 women use VA health services.  Today, over 200,000 women are serving in the Armed Forces.


Backpack Awareness
Creativity Campaign - Inspiring Creative Solutions For Students…By Students
The "Backpack Awareness Creativity Campaign" was developed in association with Logan College of Chiropractic. This program highlights the importance of proper backpack usage and offers students the opportunity to create their own messages encouraging their peers to carry backpacks properly.  


Loving Life Images
Simple reminders that beauty, joy love and hope are all around us

Loving Life Images was part of this wonderful retreat:

I Meditation Artistic Retreat
The I Meditation Artistic Retreat will take place from January 14th to 27th, 2014 at the Mooktawan sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated on the top of one of the islands on Thailand’s Southern Coast. 

This fellowship will bring together twenty-five Artists from all around the world with different backgrounds and specialties in a two-week Meditation and Artistic Retreat which aim is to educate, encourage and inspire these Artists through meditation, as well as exploring and understanding themselves. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to help spreading the benefits and positive effects of meditation and self-development into their communities and around the world through their art and creativity. Click Here to visit their Facebook page.