Stress Relief Tips

 Meditation is not something I 'do' - 
it's an awareness I carry with me
throughout the day. 

For me, stress is an imbalance of vibrations and energy within the body.  As a professional speaker on 'Vibrational Awareness,' I love increasing the awareness of audiences around the country as to how everything in our world is vibrational energy, including our thoughts, feelings, things in our environment and other people - and it all impacts us through the concept of sympathetic resonance.

As you go to work every day, drive in traffic, shop the malls, attend family gatherings, study for school tests, keep in mind that there is an 'energetic and vibrational' reason you may feel a bit overwhelmed, anxious and/or 'stressed-out.'

With this concept in mind, the various techniques offered below help me enter into a state of balance, harmony, 'non-doing', no-thoughts, quiet mind, just "Being."  I use them as tools to help keep myself centered, focused and "in the flow."  I offer them here as simply another resource - they work for me, they may or may not work for you - either way is fine as they are here in case you'd like to try them. Here's to a relaxing and peace-filled life!!

Some techniques to help quiet the mind
(in no particular order)

Watch your breath...simply become aware of it

Visualize breathing air in and out through your heart

Stop - be still and become aware of the present moment

Close your eyes - it helps to 'bring your energy back inside'

Stop and listen to the sounds around you - don't judge them, just become aware

Eat a meal with your eyes closed and really taste the food

Make the sound "Mmmm"'s like giving yourself an internal massage. I do this all the time in the car or in a shopping center when I'm feeling overwhelmed

Take quick short breaths in and out through your nose, continue until the breaths become equal in length - this helps to clear your thoughts and energize your body

Relax your tongue, it helps quiet your thoughts

Focus on your feet as you walk, really feel the ground

Laugh out loud - in the morning, in the car, with friends - just laugh!

Place tip of tongue to roof of mouth just behind upper front teeth...
Exhale through mouth completely
Inhale through nose to count of 4
Hold for 7 counts
Exhale through mouth to count of 8 (while keeping tongue in place)
Close mouth and repeat for a total of 4 complete cycles


Some things you can DO for yourself to help regain a sense of balance:

Integrate the use of high quality essential oils throughout your day

Turn off the TV for a while and take a 'news-break' and fill your today with life-affirming ideas

Listen to music - put some instrumental music on in the background to shift the 'feel' of a room - great idea for family gatherings

SLEEP - make sure you honor when your body is tired - listen to it and go to bed when you're tired or take a short nap during the day

Shift your perception when waiting in line or when you're stuck in traffic to something like, "OK, this is a time for ME" and take some deep breaths.  It could be the only time for yourself all day :-)

Take a "Me" break and stretch or walk around a little

Finish something that's been 'hanging out there'

Ask for help when you need it, receive help when it's offered

It's OK to say "No" - think of it as 'self-care' or 'self-preservation'

Make something for someone and give it to them

Volunteer your time

Write an "I'm glad you're in my life" letter or note to someone

Give yourself a gift, something special just for you

Give yourself a gentle hand massage and say 'Thank You' to your hands for everything they help you do

Look in the mirror and say 3 nice things about yourself
Repeat those things to yourself throughout the day

Since everyday can be a holiday, here are simple ideas for those who celebrate each and every day:

*  when you're driving in traffic and everyone around you is all tense and in a hurry, be the person to let someone in front of you

*  when you see all those stress-out people around you, be grateful that you're having a better day

*  when you park your car at the shopping mall, don't get out immediately ~ take a deep breath and visualize the people you're going to shop for remembering the true reason you're there, because you care about someone

*  create a new tradition - instead of buying everyone gifts, write personal notes to some of those people on your list telling them what makes them special to you

*  close your eyes for 10-15 second throughout the day to 're-center'

*  honor your limits - it's OK to say 'No' if you really don't want to do something or go somewhere - it's better than going and feeling terrible the whole time

*  go outside and look at the night sky - keep life in perspective

*  as always, don't forget to BREATHE - all it takes is an awareness and a great big exhale and your whole attitude can shift - try focusing on the exhale instead of the inhale and you'll begin to release more tension