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Letter from John Camie
Messenger of The ORIGIN System of Self-Discovery


Dear Traveler,

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are so phenomenal that we are at a loss to find the words to describe it. I need to tell you that up until the summer of 1985, I lived a rather traditional life. It was at this time that I was transported, for lack of a better word, into another dimension that would forever alter the course of my life.
I had just recently arrived at Lake Geneva to speak at a conference on Creativity. It was also a time when everything in my life was falling apart. I can still recall the cool breezes from the lake on that warm June evening. My marriage, my family, my self esteem were all part of deeply painful decisions that were necessary for the future of my very existence.
It is important to know that up to this point I was a businessman and a family man. If I couldn’t taste it, smell it, see it, touch it, or hear it, then “it” didn’t exist. I can tell you that when faced with the emotional and psychological pain of loss and trauma, about the only thing I could do was reach out for help, but I didn’t know who to reach for. I felt very much alone.
On this particular evening, it all came roaring out of its tenuous hiding places and caused what I now call an emotional breakthrough, although at the time it felt more like a breakdown. I remember looking up at that star-filled night sky and crying out in anguish, “If You are up there, PLEASE help me find my way out of this darkness of my soul!”
Still looking up as I made my way back to the small cottage where I was staying, the stars seemed to blink their indifference in silence. I went to bed and fell asleep. That night began a spiritual adventure that continues to this day.
Shortly after falling asleep, I was visited by the first of my four Spirit Guides. Dressed in a crimson robe, his eyes appeared as vast star fields under his hooded cloak. He held out his hand and I heard his voice in my head, “Are you ready to go?” “Go where?” I thought. “Home.”
I reached for his hand and followed him into a world beyond our own; where beauty and harmony were a way of life; to a place where those living there were unified with a sense of purpose and connection to the earth on which they lived and the stars from which they came.
With each successive visit, my four Guides took me to places such as The Temple of Power, the Hall of Harmony, The Garden of Contradiction and The Library of Memories. My task was to experience these places and learn from their lessons so that I could rediscover the deeper parts of myself. I was never given any answers during this initial process, only challenged with questions that I would have to resolve for myself.
One of the most significant experiences I had was “The Ceremony of Light.” During this ceremony, held in “The Sanctuary of Light,” thousands of people held on their laps luminous holographic disks etched with specific flower patterns. These disks would light up with symbols and colors when the Initiators selected and toned certain gemstones. The symbols indicated specific messages for each gem position on the disk. I witnessed this ceremony twice. After the second time, my Guide from the West pointed her finger at me and said, “Remember this…Re-member this!!”
I awakened from what I thought was a dream and got out of bed, sat down at my kitchen table, and ‘saw’ a book opened next to me. I took out a small blank journal from my desk drawer and began to copy the book as fast as I could. The images would just appear on a page and then disappear. When I had finished copying it, I put the book I was writing in away and forgot about it for several years.
My unusual dreams continued to occur and I became concerned. So, I went to see a Jungian psychologist for help and was told that “everyone has their myths to resolve.” With validation of my sanity, I felt safe to allow the journeys and lessons with my four Guides to continue. That is how The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery began.
The Instruments of Light that are used with The ORIGIN System are my best attempt at replicating the luminous disks I witnessed being used during “The Ceremony of Light.” The Flowers of Light are the initial instruments and offer their users the unique opportunity to look deep within themselves for a greater personal insight and spiritual awakening. This process is offered to you in the light of love, joy and truth, for by using these instruments, you are able to see the reflection of your love within yourself so that you may share this love with others.
We are currently in a period of great change and transformation. It is in this time of stress and turbulence that we must assume full responsibility for our choices. It is then our decision to join our truth with others so that we all may come together to celebrate the happiness and peace that is created from this union.
In the Light of Love,
John Camie

How It All Began