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Mandalas Of Change


The videos and PDF downloads below are to help support you on
your journey of self-discovery with The LOTUS Mandalas.

If you've attended a 'Circle of Self-Awareness' or Personal Session with us
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BEFORE YOU BEGIN ...Take a moment to notice and write down 

how are you feeling right now?
what are you thinking about? 
where are you right now within yourself?

Your answers offer a starting point from which to begin your journey. 


Remember - you can stop after selecting the 1st or 3rd mandala
if you feel you've gained enough insight for this time.

The BASICS - Selecting 5 Mandalas

The LOTUS Mandala Symbols

How Does This Work? Sympathetic Vibration

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After you have selected your mandala(s), blow out your candle and... 


~ keep the mandalas out to reflect upon them throughout the week

~ keep the mandalas out and reflect on a specific mandala each day

~ take a picture of the mandalas on your phone to keep them with you

~ put the mandalas away and reflect on your notes


Please feel free to contact us with questions
as you travel this wondrous journey of self-discovery.