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My Dream

Photo during chemotherapy treatment                  Photo taken Sept. 24, 2011

My Dream has always been to gift cancer patients and those going through stressful life circumstances with "The Magic Mirror" CD.  Pilot study research has shown this 23 minute solo harp CD relaxes the body, reduces anxiety and supports brainwave and immune system function.  I listened to this CD every day during both of my breast cancer experiences and know how it helped me.



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Here's how we manifested My Dream
after my treatments were completed in 2011...
Celebration Donation CD Final Count:  215!!!
Thanks to my dear friends and family, 215 CDs were gifted to the following groups in celebration of my last radiation treatment on August 11, 2011:
140 CDs to St. John's Mercy Medical Center Radiation Oncology Department at the David C. Pratt Cancer Center to share with patients and staff members at their Ballas Road and Washington, MO locations

Natasha Crain, RT(T), Amy, Rhonda Montgomery, RT(T)
I am very glad that Amy introduced me to her solo harp music.  I enjoyed the calming effect the music has without being distracting.  Patients and staff both benefit from the soothing sound of the harp; it promotes a sense of peace and helps with stress and anxiety reduction.  Amy, thank you for sharing your music with me and giving me the opportunity to share with my patients. 
Rhonda Montgomery, RT(T)
35 CDs to the St. John's Mercy Lymphatic Massage Therapists and their patients
Shelly Ryan, MLDT Physical Therapist
40 CDs to the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis

Charli Prather, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Program Director

Loving thanks to the following individuals and companies for their support...
Enstall Photography - St. Louis, MO
Jewell H. - St.  Louis, MO
Carol C. - St. Louis, MO
Catherine C. - St. Louis, MO
Debbi A. - Ballwin, MO
Jack B. - McLean, VA
Cindi M. - Chesterfield, MO
Penny C. - West Columbia, SC
Allen L. - St. Louis, MO
Emily H. - Chicago, IL
Vicki P. - Columbia, MO
Howard S. - Louisiana, MO
Joyce Y. - St. Louis, MO
Elaine P. - St. Louis, MO
Kenneth V. - St. Louis, MO
Sue. S. - Robertsville, MO
Janet P. - Clayton, MO
Jenny M. - Webster Groves, MO
Emerald Harp Productions - Mount Laguna, CA
Ellen G. - Affton, MO
Patsy S. - Brighton, IL
Jessica M. - St. Louis, MO
Marcin W.
Tinky T. - Charlotte, NC
Sandy G. - Godfrey, IL
KopyTek, Inc. - St. Louis, MO
Cindy G. - St. Louis, MO
Meg. W. - Alton, IL
Angelic Journeys - Los Gatos, CA
Kristy, R. - Valley Park, MO
Tracy S. - St. Louis, MO
Doug S. - O'Fallon, MO
Laura E. - Valley Park, MO
Mary O. - St. Louis, MO
Lois S. - St. Louis, MO
Cathy A. - Boulder, CO
Bridgette K. - Kingsport, TN
Carol W. - St. Louis, MO
Kathy M. - Chesterfield, MO
Larry F. - Alton, IL
More CDs are being sponsored daily and gifted to the Cancer Support Community...see below for current list
HOW IT BEGAN...an email sent before my last chemotherapy treatment:
Dear Friends and Family,
This morning I woke up with this idea...I hope you'll join me...
For years I have been listening to "The Magic Mirror" CD to help focus my energy, de-stress and relax.  In December, 2010, when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, I could never have imagined the impact that listening to this CD would have on my personal journey.  Immediately upon diagnosis, my body literally 'craved' the vibrations of this music as I listened to it 2-3 times a day.  It helped calm my mind and relax my body during the chaos and confusion of what seemed like continuous tests, waiting for results, decisions, an overload of new information, and all that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  Because of our pilot study results, I knew that I was supporting my immune system and my neurological functioning but I also felt on a very deep level that my spiritual and energetic 'Being' was also being nurtured and supported.  The vibrations of unconditional love, hope, comfort and peace flowing through this music were and are invaluable to me as I continue my treatment with minimal side effects.
My commitment to having this CD given to cancer patients is a personal dream and I now know from my own experience how important and valuable this music can be for everyone going through chemotherapy. 
Thursday, May 26th is my last chemotherapy treatment and I would love to gift my doctor, Rachel Borson, MD and the St. Louis Cancer and Breast Institute with as many "The Magic Mirror" CDs as possible to share with other patients being treated for cancer.
If you would like to support my dream, please consider sponsoring a CD for $10 via
Check payable to:
BlueStar Productions
1041 Wappapello Lane
St. Louis, MO 63146
Any money received after May 26th will sponsor CDs to The Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis to share with patients throughout the St. Louis area.
Each CD will have a label on the back:
A Gift of Music from
Friends and Family
of Amy Camie
For years Amy has shared her inspired harp music with patients and
families in the cancer, hospice and grief communities around the country. 
In December, 2010, she became one of those patients comforted by this
same music expressed from the deepest part of her soul. 
Photo by Julie Enstall
Thank you all for being such a beautiful part of my journey!
Loving life...all of it,

Friends and Family who have sponsored CDs...thank you!! 

May 26, 2011 - In celebration of my last chemotherapy treatment, 86 CDs were gifted to Rachel Borson, MD and The St. Louis Cancer and Breast Institute thanks to:
Nicki M. - St. Louis, MO
Tinky T. - Charlotte, NC
Kenneth Y. - Franklin, TN
Harvey F. - Chesterfield, MO
Cindy P. - Arnold, MO
Enstall Photography - St. Louis, MO
Shine the Love Productions, Inc. - Ellisville, MO
Steve S. - Kirkwood, MO
Karen S. - Wildwood, MO
The Family Center - Webster Groves, MO
Janice B. - Ballwin, MO
Madeleine R. - St. Louis, MO
Judy R. - St. Louis, MO
Susan S. - Robertsville, MO 
Michael S. - St. Louis, MO
Stan T. - St. Louis, MO
Beauty Van Go, LLC / Spa Sanctuary for Women - St. Louis, MO
Jill D. - St. Louis, MO
Mary K. - St. Louis, MO
Jessica H. - St. Louis, MO
Cathy H. - Kirkwood, MO
Sarajane W. - Macungie, PA
Merry K. - St. Louis, MO
Sherry S. - St. Louis, MO
David C. - Bourbon, MO
Christin S. - St. Charles, MO
Brenda H. - Chantilly, VA
Nancy A. - Wyckoff, NJ
Sandy G. - Godfrey, IL

MORE CDs are being sponsored daily...thanks to:

Eileen P. - St. Louis, MO
Doris C. - O'Fallon, MO
Frank R. - Alton, IL
Jean C., - Godfrey, IL
Susan W. - St. Louis, MO

May 1 - 1 CD gifted to a patient receiving chemotherapy treatment at Siteman Cancer Center

June 16 - Members of the Alton/Godfrey Community sponsored 38 CDs to Alton Memorial Hospital's Cancer Center during "Summer in the Garden" event. 

June 22, 2011 - 4 CDs gifted to Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis
June 27 & July 6th - 2 CDs gifted to St. John's Mercy Radiation Oncology Dept. for their Ballas Rd. and Washington, MO locations
Mary O. - St. Louis, MO
July 15 - 1 CD gifted to a patient at St. John's receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments
Alternative Hospice, St.  Louis, MO
July 27 - 1 CD gifted to a patient at St. John's receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment
July 28 - 1 CD gifted to a patient diagnosed with brain cancer
July 28 - 1 CD gifted to a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer
July 29 - 1 CD gifted to a patient receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cervical cancer
Aug. 5 - 1 CD gifted to a double lung transplant patient
Aug. 11 - 140 CDs gifted to St. John's Mercy Medical Center's Radiation Dept. patients and staff
                     35 CDs gifted to St. John's Lymphatic Massage Therapists and patients
                     40 CDs gfited to the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis

Michele M. - Kirkwood, MO
Bonnie S. - Palm Harbor, FL
Janie O. - St. Louis, MO
Ellen L.- Falls Church, VA

Aug. 19 - 13 CDs gifted to the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis
Judith R. - Arnold, MO
Aug. 24 - 1 CD gifted to patient diagnosed with breast cancer
Aug. 25 - 2 CDs gifted to St. John's Information Center

Peggy S. - Ballwin, MO
Sarah P. - St. Louis, MO
Aug. 31 - 4 CDs gifted to patients at St. John's
Sept. 2 - 2 CDs gifted to women undergoing chemotherapy treatment

Jeanne B. - Kansas City, MO
Sept. 3 - 2 CDs gifted to women undergoing treatment for cancer
Lora C. - St. Louis, MO
Sept. 13 - 1 CD gifted to a cancer patient at the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM)
Clarence J. - Jefferson City, MO
Mark L. - Chesterfield, MO
Oct. 5 - 2 CDs gifted to patients at Siteman Cancer Center
Lucille S. - Alton, IL
Cora M. - East Alton, IL
Barb U. - Alton, IL
Donna P. - East Alton, IL
Meredith R. - Alton, IL

Cathy D. - Godfrey, IL
Oct. 12 - 3 CDs gifted to patients undergoing treatment
Rochelle R. - Maryland Heights, MO
Oct. 18 - 1 CD gifted to patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer
Oct. 19 - 5 CDs gifted to cancer patients at Mercy Hospital

Nancy H. - St. Louis, MO

Oct. 25 - 5 CDs gifted at SSM St. Clare's Celebration of Life event
Branca A. - Portugal
Nov. 16 - 3 CDs gifted to my surgeon, Dr. Patricia Limpert at St. Luke's Hospital
Cathy H. - Kirkwood, MO
Dec. 22 - 20 CDs gifted to St. Luke's Breast Care Center
Wendy L. - Grand Blanc, MI
Marigold B. - St. Louis, MO
January 4, 2012 - 1 CD gifted to cancer patient
Janis M. -
Newmarket, Ontario (Canada) 
January 25, 2012 - 5 CDs gifted to The Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis
Feb. 29 - 1 CD gifted to gentleman undergoing surgery for colon cancer at BJC West County

Susan D. - Sandwich, MA

January 2013
Francine C. - St. Louis, MO
Elaine P. - St. Louis, MO

Wendy F. - Irvine, CA
Jack S. - Chesterfield, MO
Sandy B. - St. Louis, MO
William R. - Chesterfield, MO
Karen S. - St. Louis, MO
Catherine C. - St. Louis, MO
Lynette E. - Alta Loma, CA  

January 21, 2013 - 31 CDs gifted to my surgeon, Dr. Patricia Limpert, to share with newly diagnosed cancer patients

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