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Are you ready to express music from a different place?

Are you ready to explore a deeper level of 
Conscious Self-Care?

Are you ready to discover your own answers within?


If so, let's connect!


I'm passionate about expressing my love,
living my truth, and
empowering others to do the same.


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If you're inspired by the articles and videos below,

 Contact me to connect.


I'm happy to schedule a complimentary
15 min. conversation to explore whether we resonate.
Please include your time zone, phone number and
preference for morning, afternoon, or evening.


If we feel comfortable with each other,
we'll come up with a plan to move forward. 



You can easily make payments through PayPal:


I'm currently using Skype and Zoom
Please send connection requests to 
"Amy Camie - Healingharp"
(the one with the picture)


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to explore "Conscious Self-Care"
articles, videos and meditations


to explore my book "Loving Life...All of It -
A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness"


to explore "Play From Your Heart"
articles and videos


to explore "Awaken to Yourself" videos.
They'll give you an idea of my perspective on life.




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