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Vibrational Awareness

 and "The Healing Power of Music"

Music is a powerful tool to help bring balance back into our physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual systems.  It is a vibrational language to which every part of our bodies feel and respond - with or without our conscious awareness. 

Music can soothe, calm, irritate, agitate, motivate, console, inspire, terrify, uplift, relax, etc. all through the concepts of resonance, sympathetic vibration, forced resonance and entrainment.  As we increase our awareness of these concepts, we increase our awareness of how to more effectively integrate music and sound into our daily lives.

Taken a step further...it's not just music and sound that have a vibrational impact on us...

In Joshua Leed's book, The Power of Sound, he states:
"All material consists of atomic material; molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, and subatomic particles.  Each atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by electrons, revolving at the speed of six hundred miles per second.  It is an accepted construct of physics that motion creates frequency and frequency creates sound.  Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own." www.thepowerofsound.com

In Bruce Lipton's book, The Biology of Belief, he states:
"Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is like a wobbly spinning top that radiates energy.  Because each atom has its own specific energy signature (wobble), assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns.  So every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature." www.brucelipton.com

In otherwords, everything in the universe is vibrating energy.


I love sharing "Vibrational Awareness"  and  "The Healing Power of Music" with local, regional and national audiences.  In this fun, interactive and thought provoking presentation I demonstrate how music, sound and vibrations impact our thoughts, emotions, relationships and health and share research we've conducted with my own music. You'll walk away with new insights, new tools/techniques, and perhaps even a new way to approach life. 


 Learning Objectives include:

1.  To introduce and demonstrate basic concepts of sound, music and vibration

2.  To empower the audience with information on how to make 'sound' choices

3.  To encourage the integration of sound, music and vibrational awareness into the audience's professional, business, volunteer and personal activities

4.  To heighten the understanding and awareness of how different types of vibrations affect us through thoughts, feelings, emotions and things in our environment

5.  To share tools and techniques that build upon the concept of sympathetic vibration to improve relationships with ourselves and others.

6. To share resource information encouraging further independent exploration


The "Vibrational Awareness" presentation and "The Healing Power of Music" introduction is applicable for any audience: healthcare professionals, business professionals, community organizations, caregivers, volunteers, patients, students, family goups, etc.
It is Perfect for Your Group.


Here are just a few of the Local, Regional and National Audiences who have enjoyed "Vibrational Awareness":

International Harp Therapy Conference - Richmond, VA
AMC Cancer Research Day of Caring - St. Louis, MO
Midwest Regional Conference on End of Life Care - Kansas City, MO
Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care Conference - Indianapolis, IN
Lighthouse Hospice - Cherry Hill, NJ
St. John's Mercy Medical Center - St. Louis, MO
St. Anthony's Medical Center - St. Louis, MO
Missouri Baptist Grief Support Center Volunteer Training - St. Louis, MO
College Club - St. Louis, MO
Rotary Club - St. Louis, MO
Pathways to Wellness - Alton, IL
Society for Transplant Social Workers - Salt Lake City, UT
Women's Connection Network - St. Louis, MO
Aurora Health Care, West Allis Memorial Hospital - West Allis, WI

 Click Here for a Full Listing

 Here's what participants are saying:

"The breathing exercises you shared helped us all immediately.  All of the information you communicated regarding vibrational energy, importance/physics of words and thoughts, and tools for integrating the ideas you shared practically into our lives was invaluable.  I witnessed you connect with each woman so sweetly and I could feel some of the more complex information sink in almost effortlessly.  This is a gift of yours."

"So helpful and practical!  You have helped bring new insight and confirmation of our practices and values! Thank you a million!"

"I've often thought of some of these concepts, but thinking about them in terms of vibrations adds another dimension to them.  My concepts have expanded and have become enriched."

"You truly helped me to get into my 'being self'!  Something clicked where I saw a huge difference between my 'being' and 'doing' self.  The examples of alpha and beta waves and people's frequency truly explained people's state of minds and their comfort levels.  I appreciate the techniques you use for relaxing or releasing stress and I'm going to try to incorporate them in my life."

"You presented a side of emotion and feeling that I never would have thought about existing - you showed that humans can connect without words, which don't always do justice to what we feel."

"I learned many new theories about not only how music can effect one, but how to get in touch with myself using only myself."

"Very new information - very well presented."   "Wonderful, contemplative theories."

"As an engineer, we're taught these concepts.  I just never thought to apply them in this way."

"Such important concepts for self-care and helping others - thank you!"

"Too bad more clinical caregivers couldn't access this presentation.  It would be so helpful for our ill patients."

"Your presentation was beautiful – your positive energy is contagious and awe-inspiring.
Thank God for the gift of you!  I heard from one of the participants from last evening, which is a first, about the enjoyment she received from last evenings presentation even though the construction caused grief, she was happy to have made it! This says a lot about you and your message. Thank you!


"Awaken To Yourself" Videos demonstrating the vibrational concepts

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