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Thoughts, Poems, & Lyrics
by Amy Camie


Amy, God writes a gospel not in the Bible alone; but also on trees, on the flowers and clouds, on the face of a little child and in your music. ~ Sister Joan




Music flowers from within the soul
and can only be heard in the silence of the spirit

It is the voice of the collective unconscious
carried deep within each of us
and expressed individually.

Written on July 7, 2007

Music is the voice of the Universe. It is the expression of unconditional love
which the artist brings to the hearts of those who listen.

Written in 1999 for the New Love CD

Music is the vibration that awakens the spirit and opens the heart to love.
A message from John to Amy on February 24, 2008


Here are some of my expressions through words...they are in no particular order.  
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I Will Always Be With You
Words & Music by Amy Camie in 2002
written for all children, old and young, after 9/11

(illustrated book/audio cd, and sheet music available)


Fly Free
Written October 9, 2006 by Amy Camie

All Things Are One
Music & Lyrics by Amy Camie
September 16, 2002


Another Part of Me
written November 26, 2005 in Gratitude for Thanksgiving


Music and Lyrics by Amy Camie
August 16, 2002

Music and Lyrics by Amy Camie
September 3, 2002


Live Your Love
Music & Lyrics by Amy Camie



Words by Amy Camie
July 14, 2004


On the Wings of a Rainbow

Written by Amy Camie in 2005

Together Living Free

Written by Amy Camie

January 8, 2005


Wings to Fly

Written by Amy Camie for Christopher and Justin

Thanksgiving Day, 11/24/2005



There Is No Fear in Love

Written by Amy Camie
June 27, 2007



Forgotten Moments

Inspired by John Camie

Written by  Amy Camie

January 15, 2008